[[POSTPONED]] Archaic Vaults meets Zenevloed

Saturday, July 22, 2023   
Doors open: 20:00

It is with our sincere regrets and apologies that we are forced to postpone this special event due to unforeseen personal circumstances. As we were unable to have all billed performers on the lineup, it didn’t feel right to depart from the original intent of bringing compilation contributors under one roof. We will, however, return to OCCII at a later date with a considered curation of artists. Any tickets already purchased can be refunded or kept towards the postponed event. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.


Archaic Vaults meets Zenevloed w/ Severin Black, Casimir, Jonathan Castro

A night of smokey, subterranean electronics in celebration of Continuing A Worn Out Tradition III, the third instalment in the Archaic Vaults compilation series.

Archaic Vaults

Archaic Vaults exists as a record label and event series formed in London by Severin Black and then subsequently relocated to Berlin several years later. A platform championing marginal music of a dissonant and ethereal nature, it works to form bridges both digitally and physically between communities worldwide. Attempting to resist electronic music’s specific tropes, Archaic Vaults resides in a smoky room somewhere between the club and the conservatory.


Zenevloed has grown over the past years to be an international, transdisciplinary
collective. We have continued to dedicate ourselves to presenting experimental music and art globally, in fitting contexts, reaching out to defining presences in the scene – based on qualitative output rather than amounts of clicks. Adhering to collaborative DIY/DIT ethics, networks have blossomed into friendships. We hone these connections by inviting close collaborators to exchange during concerts, radio shows, and events. And, as always, we will not get chased into the death drive of  ‘performing’ in the scene.

Severin Black

Running the experimental label and event series Archaic Vaults, Severin Black has been forming a worldwide community around marginal music since 2020; the most recent collaborations including shows and released material alongside YL Hooi, oxhy, Ewa Awe, Flora Yin-Wong, Nexcyia, Lisa Lerkenfeldt and Christoph de Babalon. Using the label as an outlet for ongoing projects with violinist Vanessa Bedoret and sound artist Owen Pratt, Severin also has a sizeable discography under the techno alias Nape – the most recent being the album Ten Tonne Angel on Psychic Liberation. They have performed in spaces such as the ICA (London), KM28 (Berlin), Le Poisson Rouge (New York), Mission To Seafarers (Melbourne) and on a giant pipe organ in a north-east London church.


Artwork _________
2023 series by Matt Plezier