AUN (ca) + MARTIJN COMES + BLACK ZONE MYTH CHANT (fr/High Wolf) + LOW JACK (L.I.E.S. / The Trilogy Tapes, Live Set)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015   
Doors open: 00:00
Showtime: 20:30
Damage: €6

Occii vs Haperende Mens – concert serie #1

AUN (can) + BLACK ZONE MYTH CHANT (fr, High Wolf) + LOW JACK (live set – L.I.E.S – The Trilogy Tapes ) + MARTIJN COMES & DJ CHIFF CHAFF
‘Blending the elements of psychedelic, ethnic industrial & cosmic shoegaze’.

OCCII, Amsterdam en HAPERENDE MENS presenteren een reeks concerten met nadruk op de door Haperende Mens uitgezette lijn (Haperende Mens festival september 2014). Haperende Mens zoekt opnieuw de muzikale grenzen op en mede gestimuleerd door het onorthodoxe programmeren van het Occii podium gaat dit programma daarbij nog een stap verder. De ontregeling en het experiment staan centraal, de eigenzinnigheid van de muzikanten is daarbij vanzelfsprekend!
Bij dit ‘Kick Off’ event #1 is de fascinerende drone psychedelia van het nieuwe album van Black Zone Myth Chant live te beluisteren. (side project van High Wolf, eerder te zien op het HM festival). Tevens de donkere ambient-psychedelia van het Canadese AUN en de presentatie van overtuigend nieuw werk van electro-acoustic’s producer Martijn Comes. Met een live set van de onconventionele Franse industrial techno producer Low Jack wordt de avond plezierig ontregelend afgesloten. Industriële esthetiek, techno experiment, ambient drone, psychedelica and far beyond.

AUN (Can): ‘Their music melts the boundaries between psychedelic, ambient, shoegaze, industrial and cosmic music into a unique pulsing glitch and gaze aura. Their performance includes video artworks by Julie.’
Cosmic industrial duo AUN, forge their ambient-psychedelia, into a glitchy, pulsing, waking dream experience. This Montreal power couple, have performed 150+ concerts, in over twenty countries, at such key events as Mutek, FIMAV, Roadburn, Phobos, Wave Gothic, Heart of Noise. Their critically acclaimed discography of over 15 albums has earned them a solid ever growing international following. The duo have recently completed two new albums.

LOW JACK (F): A LIVE SET preview of his new album ‘Sewing Machine’ (Release Mei 2015):
What used to be called industrial music by those on the radical fringes of ’80s post-punk is surfacing again in the techno sphere and beyond. French producer Low Jack (aka Philippe Hallais) now seizes control over this rich heritage. His goal is to take classic industrial aesthetics to the next level, extending the trance experience using raw, sharp and rough sounds. Earned a reputation for his uniqueness, one foot in club culture, the other in abstract experimentation. On one side, the influence of Bunker Records’ acid-industrial years, on the other side, bullet-shaped noise music, ethno-shamanic trance, punk improvisations, post-industrial ambient, drone and power electronics. You’re bound to hear anything but tiny and conventional club music.

BLACK ZONE MYTH CHANT (F), (High Wolf side project), has a new album ‘Mane Thecel Phares’ Februari 2015
French drone/psych producer High Wolf, whose Black Zone Myth Chant side project’s album ‘Mane Thecel Phares’ album is tantalizingly described as an “exceptional slab of squashed, Afro-centric psychedelia”, consisting of polyrhythms, slowed-down vocals and, of course, lashings of drone, with influence from Sun Ra, DJ Screw and Vox Populi. Incredible Deep fried head music direct from the dome of Black Zone Myth Chant It’s gotta be the most fugged-out, abstract hip hop/drone.

MARTIJN COMES a Dutch composer specialized in new media, sound design and electro- acoustic composition. Comes’ music is diverse and goes from ambient soundscapes to technoid dance music to classical compositions. “A good experimental and contemporary mix of ‘abrasive’ noise with underlying synths, choral style pad work, glitched/timestretched beats and percussive elements. I imagine it sitting well alongside music from Cristian Vogel & Jon Hopkins, with the more experimental side of Oneohtrix Point Never.”