AYANKOKO (LAO/FR) + тимпани -TIMPAHN (ES) + BSE + Inutile Témoin (DE/FR)

Sunday, March 24, 2019   
Doors open: 00:00
Showtime: 20:30 - 00:00
Damage: €7

AYANKOKO (LAO/FR) + тимпани -TIMPAHN (ES) + BSE + Inutile Témoin (DE/FR)
A/V experimental project | Industrial | Noise

Teaser AYANKOKO+TIMPAHN Tour – 2019

Inutile Témoin (DE/FR)
volcanic poetry

Inutile Témoin (DE/FR/anywhere) is Teresa Riemann and Amélie Legrand on cello, drums, electronics and voices. During their performances they combine French, German and English poetry with free improvisation and written pieces to produce an energetic and abstract sound which delivers a deep and direct energy.
Their performances embark on a mystical journey, traveling from the stomach to the little voices in your head, reminiscent of a volcano on the brink of eruption.
Both musicians have punk influences as well as using Arabic scales and free improvisation. The voices exist simultaneously in different dimensions, ranging from singing to all out screaming.




“Yarei Molina’s solo project manages to hypnotize the listener creating a percussive, industrial sounding tsunami combined with the only help of his drum kit, a timpany and self-made instruments.”
Timpahn is the symbiosis between sound art and visual art made possible with the use of percussion instruments. With a drum set, a timpany and diy objects, we create sounds, rhythms, strange melodies and thunder bass which in resume
pretends to create an industrial electronic aura which transports us to a most sinister psichedelic environment. With the interaction between sound and image (lights and videos) we intend to isolate and transport the audience.
Praysless (pray + priceless), is a concept of progressive and minimalistic images and music, at the beginning; chaotic at the climax, which evokes the blindly believed criticism and excessive consumerism, which is caused by the brain washing which we are daily subjected to. Little by little, without realizing it, we are inside.
After the premiere at Electrovinyes Festival (Vilafranca del Penedés, Catalonia), on August 2015, where Molina was received with enthusiasm by the audience, he has made two tours arround north Spain (2016, 2017), arround France, UK, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg (beggining 2017) and another one arround France, Austria, Slovenia and Italy (at the end of 2017).
He also has performed at Konvent.0 (Berga, Catalonia), an artistic residence week, at Embarrat Festival (Tàrrega, Catalonia), at LPM Festival (Amsterdam), at StripArt Festival (Barcelona), and many others.
He has performed with David Chia – Catalonia (Claque), Torst Obborun – Belgium (Guitar, eects and other instruments), Ayankoko – France (electronics), Paolo Bragaglia – Italy (electronics) and has also participated in the music festival Multiversal in Slovenia, Italy, Germany, France and Denmark.


Yarei Molina is a multidisciplinar artist based in Barcelona, even though he has lived all his childhood in Tàrrega, Lleida (Catalonia), where he studied drums, percussion and guitar with Carlos M. Molina and piano with Ma. Angeles Sánchez. Later in Barcelona, he studied Industrial design , two years in Transport design, drums with Quim Solé and Jordi Ulibarri at the Aula de Música Moderna (El Liceu), Electronic music production at Microfusa in Madrid and Videomapping course with Ricardo Cançado (Vj Eletroiman) at the CIFO L’Hospitalet.
Molina participates in Timpahn, Oleos, YM, Tklab collective (Telenoika), Sïtrâmâ, Serac, Eterea collective and two more works in progress. He has performed with different bands like Qa’a, Orde Etern, Rockstock, Pink Funker, Innite Pitón, and many others. He started his career when he was 11 years old, playing electric guitar and singing covers in the youngest band of Spain.
Molina has performed in 11 releases, a label complilation for the Brave Coast Label10 years old, three autoedited CD’s, 2 LPs, 2 CD’s and 2 singles. Plus, performed in more than 200 spanish gigs, as Sonar Festival 2014, LEM Festival, Sala Apolo 2, Razzmatazz 2, Sidecar, niu, and many others, and more than 100 european gigs, as Incubate festival (Netherlands), Klangbad festival (Germany), Saint Guetto festival (Switzerland), Audioscope festival (UK), MS Stubnitz (Germany), Les Ateliers Claus (Belgium), Zoro Fest (Germany), Kapu (Austria), Tappette fest (France) and many others.


live Ayankoko is David Vilayleck, who is French with Laotian roots, solo project which embraces experimental, concrete, sound art, noise, live electronics and free improvisation. With a musical background as guitarist-improviser, the project is an ever-evolving thing which questions the ear about sound perception, its raw nature, the definition of music and the concept of ugly-beauty.

Asian-French musician, composer, producer, sound artist and guitarist David Vilayleck has been working for 20 years in the fields and interests of jazz, ska dub, rock, world, gnawa, electronic improvised and experimental music.

Phd from Strasbourg Conservatory in Jazz and Improvised Music (1998).

He has toured and performed in Europe, East Europe, Norway, Japan, North Africa, New York City, South East Asia, and studied and performed with masters Serge Lazarevitch, Joel Allouche, George Burton, Najib Saleem, Larry Marshall, Steve Hanuman, Yasutaka Yorozu, Klaus Filip, Noid, Linda Sharrock, John Tchicai, Souriba Kouyate, Mahmoud and Abdellah Guinia, Valerie Kuhne, Lazaro Ros, Quentin Biardeau, Olivier Py, Philippe Gleizes, Fritz Novotny, Gerri Jager, Raphaël Vanoli, Kazehito Seki, Clemens Hausch, Klaas Hubner, Samin Son, Hassan Boussou, Franck Vaillant, Norbert R.Stammberger, Hugues Mayot, Xavier Lopez, Chérif Soumano, Lauren Rodz, Alfred Vilayleck, Winston Francis, Denis al Capone, Fa Cesario, the Dualers, Lafidki, Gautier Garrigue, Vincent Mascard, Jean-Philippe Morel, Yarei Molina, Utku Tavil, Reform Art Unit, Erika Sofia Sollo, Aziz Arradi, Max Bogner, and many more…

Bands, collective works and label partners include: Peemai, Skamanians, Koko Dub, Rectus, Amane, Koa, Band of Dogs, Moozak, Chinabot, Klingt.org, Clinical Archives, Amp-recs, Headphonica, Colin Johnco Records, Hazard Records, Multiversal, TecnoNucleo, DrainingBeatsontheBrain, Dog-Eared Records, Echo Obscura.

A prolific artist without borders, label founder and producer of Ayan Records, fellow sound research project Ayankoko, his unique style of playing and concepts in music allow him to equally enjoy the underground and mainstream scenes worldwide.

archive.org Ayan records (more than 100 releases)
YouTube ayankoko

Contact: ayankoko@gmail.com

Ayankoko has performed at festivals and venues with the likes of Trash vortex, Non Jazz, Café Oto, New River Studios, Steim Institute, Trytone Fest, Zaal 100, Electronic Church, Salon Bruit, Loophole, Flamingo Osaka, Madame Claude, Studio 8, Delicatessen, Noiseberg, Akc Medika, Nyc the Stone, Data, Antic Forn, Circuit Torcat, LEM Festival, Mataro art festival, la Virgule, Musée des arts asiatiques, Stimultania, Kochareal, la Villa des Cents Regards, Fluc, Alte Schmiede, Velak Brut im Konzerthaus, Amann Studios, Cafe Celeste, Niu Gallery, Pagouf ciné l’Oblo, Hausmania, Oslo National Library, Metelkova Noise Fest and many more.

REVIEWS “Yet another headache for the fuzzy librarian in me; Ayankoko!!! strikes me as an unclassifiable artist from where I’m sitting, and if I had to be precise in my assessment of his work I would fail miserably, for how can a man be exact when trying to describe a river of lava free-flowing its way through someone’s subconscious carpark and wildly twisting and turning everything that stands in its path? Concrete… improvisational… electronics… collage. See? Wild blurs and melted metamorphoses may be fine for a Bacon painting but I can’t use that strategy to tag Stereosexline (though blurs and metamorphoses are key elements here). For all its concrete and collage qualities however, there is no single straight line separating one substance from the next. This is more of a glutinous, quivering mass… like an acephalous dust bunny drowning in a sea of jell-o. But don’t let that scare you off from a mighty fine musical experience, Ayankoko!!! has a great ear for tone and texture, and his sense of structure and logic, however stream of consciousness it may be, is in fact strong as an ox… or strong enough to kill an ox with one single blow to the head. An acephalous ox, mind you.” Eduardo Padilla, Dog-eared records, Mexico.

“Wie klingt wohl eine Banane? Oder lieber doch ein Apfel? Ich wäre ja mehr für Orangen, die habe bestimmt einen äußerst gesunden Sound. OK, Spaß beiseite. Was Klaas Huebner, seines Zeichens Sound-Artist, und Ayankoko da produziert haben ist wirklich etwas ganz spezielles. So wurden für die Aufnahme Früchte genommen und ganz einfach zu Oszillatoren umfunktioniert. Wir wissen ja alle das Früchte geringe Spannungen abgeben, spätestens seit dem Physikunterricht, wo ein Apfel eine Glühbirne zum leuchten gebracht hat. Da liegt die Idee ja garnicht fern diese Spannungen zum kreieren von Musik zu benutzen. Natürlich haben diese Früchtchen keinen MIDI-Anschluss und verfügen auch nicht über ein BPM-Regler, somit ist das Endprodukt doch ziemlich Speziell, es piepst, brumt und krakählt da überall. Erinnert an Soundtracks von Indipendent?lmen. Wer auf Experimente und gesunden, unberührten Sound steht, ist es ein wahrer Hörgenuß, alle anderen sind hier wirklich fehl am Platz. Ich frage mich grad die ganze Zeit wie wohl Gemüse klingt…. ” Tonmagnet blog, Germany.

“Qu’il soit seul, ou présentement en compagnie de Klaas Huebner, Ayankoko est un bien étrange phénomène, un EVP oublieux de son V, une esquisse l’onde tangible mais impalpable, accessoirement ludique ou partiellement inquiétante, un phénomène en absolue opposition à tout rationalité (noumène), la recette d’un pétillant et délicieux jus de fruit, néanmoins oscillant, en quelque sorte.” Thierry Massard, noCo…mment netaudio blog, France.


By Yeah I know it sucks


Amsterdam-based noise collective of now 6 more or less humans, have been transmitting live noise on Radio Patapoe for several years. Every week on Tuesday they descend into their dark smelly grotto, to be intoxicated by stench of nearby toilets, inspiring them to sessions lasting for hours, on to the morning sometimes but always at least three hours continuously dissecting the impulses of a unverse gone berserk, melting it down, mixing it up into sometimes beautiful soundscapes but usually into the most harsh noise-walls you’ll ever bang your head into – scaring off the hipsters (they’ve been heard screaming for their mummies to save them form the terror of this reality that sucks and boils their brains). Mostly BSE-members will be accompanied by travelling musicians and other noise-minds, and occasionally some confused random visitors feel the hit and go wild into the everlasting feedback stream, the meat grinder, spitting out puss and shit and other bodily fluids boiling into noise, rumbling the building, roaring resonance challenging the foundations of the building, the city, the unverse. Live performances are rare, as most venues don’t cater for 3-hour sessions – but sometimes, there’s this rare occasion that some of BSE are inspired to condense the never-ending flow of shit into a set confined to space and time made available.
Curious? Ok, well, anyway, tune in to Radio Patapoe on tuesdays, from 11pm CET you can experience true dissociation in its purest form. http://radiopatapoe.nl Luister of sterf!
The (higly incomplete) archive of radio shows and performances can be found on http://mixcloud.com/hanzumee
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