Thursday, September 16, 2021   
Doors open: 20:00
Showtime: 20.30 - 22.30
Damage: Free | Donation

Bananskolen plays pauses!

Bananskolen (“Banana School”) is a Copenhagen-based and self-organised alternative school initiated by the Goodiepal & Pals collective in which everyone is a student and teacher at the same time.

Goodiepal & Pals also known as GP&PLs is a refugee and human smuggling organisation in disguise, operating on the borders of the European Union.

Bananskolen er Goodiepal & Pals (GP&PLS), and they teach you the latest moves in activist movement patterns and adventure trance dance. GP & PLS sings choruses from distant lands and long ago and delivers true pro-monarchist punk rock. It all happens in one night, so you have to come!

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GP&PLS (Goodiepal & Pals) describe themselves as an “activist refugee organisation disguised as a contemporary tek ’n’ roll band conducted by Faroese-master trickster The Goodiepal”. The band, who have been active for three and a half years, touring Europe intensively, live in Novi Beograd in Serbia. If they request huge appearance fees, it’s because every euro they make goes straight back to Serbia and refugee aid.

NOTE! This event is free (DONATION BASED! All profits goes to read above) but we can only allow 30 people. First come first served (make reservation and take a seat, please come in time, otherwise we give seat away)!!!

 Those who saw this wonderful band live were left in total confusion as to where they were at, but here is a clear statement: The Pals and their Goodieman are musical rioteers with an attitude. Each song is full of boisterously cynical texts, shouted/sung out in a staccato, punk-like way. The voices of these girls and boys really stand in the foreground, which works well, although the musical arrangements are great, poppy, freaky, with great keyboard lines, propulsive rhythms and weird noises all over the place.

 A lot of writing is included in various inlays, but apart from something that looks like a global language course including spanish, arabian and english, you really have to know your Danish to understand what it’s all about. This will not stop you from enjoying this wonderful record immensely and envy the people in Copenhagen that theye have these people are hanging around there making absurd videoclips… A glance at the pictures will persuade you if nothing else does. >> Goodiepal & Pals – Pro Monarkistisk Xtratone

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De Fanfare voor Vooruitstrevende Volksmuziek is a D.I.Y. music collective championing self-made musical instruments.
Circuitbending, DIY, Free-folk, Instrument Builders.

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