Black Earth presents: A-SUN AMISSA (UK) + 78RPM + STRING STRANG

Saturday, Oct 6, 2018 | Doors open: 21:00 - 01:00 | €7-10

Black Earth proudly presents:
A-Sun Amissa return with a new album Ceremony in the Stillness on September 14th via Gizeh Records and Consouling Sounds

For its fourth full-length, A-Sun Amissa plunges deeper than before. Guitars come to the fore. Heavy, distorted chords are present from the off, complemented by desolate ambient passages of sound. The claustrophobic atmospheres remain but combine with a new density and sonic experimentation to present a huge leap forward in structure and composition.

Ceremony in the Stillness hints at themes from the previous three outings while very much pushing the project into new territories. The intricate nuances and lulling melodies from Desperate in Her Heavy Sleep (2012) reappear while the billowing guitars of You Stood Up For Victory, We Stood up For Less (2013) are referenced throughout. In comparison to 2017’s The Gatherer it’s clear there is a firmer direction in the song-writing as the album weaves through elements of doom, dark ambient and post-rock, placing its very own unique mark firmly into the ears of the listener.

A-Sun Amissa is the project of Richard Knox (founder of Gizeh Records and member of The Rustle of the Stars, Shield Patterns and Glissando) and while Knox takes the central role on Ceremony in the Stillness, again we see several collaborators contributing to the record.

78 RPM Project (NL) is an ambient-drone-noise project inspired by the oftentimes haunting sounds and atmospheres of early 20th century delta blues recordings. Minimal Electronics and desolated soundscapes

StringStrang is a musical and visual project of the dutch artist Jan Kees Helms created by guitar, field-recordings and movies.

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78 RPM, A-SUN AMISSA, StringStrang