Saturday, October 10, 2020   
Doors open: 18:45
Showtime: 18:45 | 20:45
Damage: €8 (RSVP)


Make sure to add your e-mail address so we can send you confirmation and in the days before the show our covid-19 protocol.

First show 18:45 doors; 19:00 showtime
Between 20:15-20:45 no visitors allowed, so we can disinfect the place.
Second show 20:45 doors; 21:00 showtime

Artist will play their sets consecutively.
This is a seated concert, a limited amount of chairs will be put in the space with 1.5m distance, but if you come as a couple / pair / family you can sit together.
Note: to reserve a double seat please buy 2 tickets at the same time, if you wish to sit separately buy 1 ticket each.

Bring CASH for DRiNKS, DiSTRO & MERCH!!!

You could say Slow Worries are an indierockband. The songs reflect their shared love for early 90s indie and pop, combining dreamy melodies with solid dissonance. While taking cues from the likes of Helium, The Spinanes & Slant 6, their 2 guitars/drums lineup betrays a post-hardcore influence as well. Slow Worries members have cut their teeth in bands like New YX, Pony Pack, Dusty Blinds & Bombay.
New album out soon on Adagio830, Subroutine and the brand spanking new Breaking Records!


Years of mental preparation, meditation, build up frustration, and a lot of food stamps. Everybody told them they were wasting their lives doing nothing. But this year when the stars were in the perfect alignment, the doomsday clock was set to 2 minutes to midnight and the snow owl sang there full moon song, they knew it was time. There notes fibrate like a smash of the hammer from Thor. Things begin to hover in mid-air, animals will start to shake their bodies and dance in weird circles, beer bottles magically disappear right before your eyes. PAUPER isn’t just a band its one of natures biggest achievements and mysteries. Your brain chemistry will never be the same again after seeing them.
“PAUPER the only band that makes some money when they don’t play” …

(with members of Pauper*)

*all of them

PAUPER – Japan ( at Skatepark Noord Amsterdam)

Bookings are closed for this event. 50 tickets will be sold at the door