Tuesday, July 18, 2023   
World's Appreciated Kitsch
Doors open: 20:00
Showtime: 20:30
Damage: €10

Breaking Records / World’s Appreciated Kitsch present: FAIM + NØ MAN + OATS

FAIM (Denver, USA, political hardcore – last tour ever)
For Denver’s FAIM, hardcore is not just music – it’s the jumping-off point for critique, growth, and catharsis. The background to this is music that can be fast and aggressive with biting commentary or slow, introspective and melodic – incorporating the best parts from early 00’s hardcore, crust, and post-hardcore.
Since forming in 2017, FAIM has released a Self Titled 7″ on Convulse Records, a split 7″ with DISCOURAGE and LIFT, and their debut full-length, “Hollow Hope,” on Safe Inside Records. FAIM has done multiple US and European tours, sharing the stage with HAVE HEART, MODERN LIFE IS WAR, CEREMONY, and JUDGE.
FAIM has just released their next full-length, “Your Life and Nothing Else”, on Safe Inside Records and will be touring the United States and Europe soon. It will be their last record.

NØ MAN (Washington, DC / USA, hardcore, ex-Majority Rule)
NØ MAN formed in 2017, shortly after Majority Rule reunited to play a benefit tour with long time friends PageNinetyNine. The band includes all three members (Matthew Michel, Kevin Lamiell and Pat Broderick) with the addition of Maha Shami on vocals. Maha’s voice may be familiar to some as she was a guest vocalist on MR’s “Packaged Poison” back in 2002.
Upon returning from the MR reunion shows, the band swiftly wrote, recorded, and released “Devils Cast Long Shadows” in 2018 as an outlet to continue creating new music together. Since then, they’ve had the opportunity to tour with some incredible bands, including Portrayal of Guilt, Darkest Hour, The Hirs Collective and more. In their follow up record “Erase,” the band solidified their sound, blending mean chaotic punk that occasionally comes up for air with haunting, melodic breaks.


OATS (Amsterdam, mathcore)
The Amsterdam punk act OATS have recently released their third single. OATS showcase their propensity to experiment and blend genres, from neo-soul to hardcore-punk, and pushing the boundaries of aggressive music by creating an explosion of tenderness and gut-churning fury that packs a punch. The song starts with a fast-paced bassline that’s swiftly accompanied by pounding drums, angular guitars and a distorted Alto Saxophone delivered by up-and-coming Jazz artist Miguel Valente (Nausyqa, YOPE). But around the 2 minute mark the band surprises us by delivering a velvety smooth Neo-Soul section, with a sax solo as the cherry on top, before unleashing the final act of the song.


“When was the last time we heard something so chaotic in the Netherlands?” – Never Mind The Hype

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