Conference: Women in Dutch punk W/ FiLM: Stories from the She-Punks (UK, 2018, Helen Reddington & Gina Birch) + PERSONA NON DATA + WICK BAMBIX + STRESSSYSTEM + ASBEST BOYS + DJ STEVE

Saturday, June 18, 2022   
Punk Scholars Network
Doors open: 13:00
Showtime: 13:30
Damage: €10

Conference Women in Dutch punk, OCCII Amsterdam, 18 June 2022

13:30 Welcome from the organisers, and explanation about how the day will run
13:40 First panel: Women in punk in North America, in the UK and in the Netherlands, parallels and differences. Chair: Rosa Jonker
13:42 Film by Helen Reddington and Gina Birch (of the Raincoats): Stories from the She-Punks (music with a different agenda)
14:30 Paper by Pauwke Berkers: Punk rock against gender roles  (re-revisisted): Women punk performers in the Netherlands, 1976-1982
14:50 Paper by Anita Raghunath and Herman de Tollenaere: Women in Dutch punk, 1976-1982. Figures and forgetfulness
15:10 Discussion on this film and these papers
[[Paper by Caroline Kaltefleiter. (original United States Riot  Grrl, now professor at New York State University and Anarchism and Punk book series editor): Priestess of Punk: Exene Cervenka,  Anarcha-Feminism, Anti-War Actions, and The Riot Grrrl Connection >> CANCELED]]
15:30 Presentation by punk photographer since the 1970s Sue Rynski (originally from Detroit, USA, now Paris) and anthropologist and former performer Natacha Giafferi-Dombre of Punk Is Not Dead/PSN France.
15:45 Discussion on Sue Rynski’s and Natacha Giafferi-Dombre’s contribution.
15:50 Short tea/coffee break.

16:10 Keynote panel: Dutch punk girls, 1977 till today.

Chair: Anita Raghunath. Five women, interviewed by Helen Reddington, from first-wave punk woman to very recent one. One may ask: “What are the connections between these four generations of punk women?”

First 1977 wave representative in the panel: Terry, bass/vocals in Cheap ‘n’ Nasty; earlier in PVC and Hideous Hear. Terry play and sing the songs she wrote for the Cheap ‘n’ Nasty “Covergirl” EP.

Second wave, started late 1980s: Wick, guitar/vocals in Bambix
Hear and see Wick play and sing this song
Early 21st-century representative: Andrea, was singer in early 21st century Amsterdam band Fatwa’s
See and hear Andrea sing in this live video

2020s representatives (two, as it it is the most important wave for the future) : Nana, guitarist of the band Shortcuts, founded in 2021, and Flo, bass player in the Blood Bags.

17:20 Some people in the audience may want to say something

17:40 Final words, by Andrea

18:00 Dinner (at the vegan restaurant MKZ >> eerste schinkelstraat 16, around the corner of OCCii).
20:00 To concert hall
20:15  Four bands, all including women. Stresssysteem, Wick Bambix, Persona Non Data. And Asbest Boys, not an all-boy band, like Poison Girls were not all-girl.

Read about, and hear, all these four bands here.

Asbest Boys live at Jasper's House

Last December, because of an unexpected rise in the coronavirus  pandemic, at the last minute we had to cancel the first-ever face to  face conference of the Punk Scholars Network the Netherlands at OCCII,  Amstelveenseweg 134 1075 XL in Amsterdam with as its main theme Women in punk, replacing it with a short webinar on Punk and venues.

Bookings are closed for this event. 150 tickets will be sold at the door