DeepRes: OMYK + JkUBE + COMCAP – EP release + Trombone Schönfeld + Steve Osten + Visuals: Maze

Thursday, Jan 29, 2015 | Doors open: 22:00 - 02:00 | €6

Within the OMYK alleys you rise by the time you press down the cap of a spray can. Character will flare in the shape of your line, cracking up the darkness the only systematic to discern real commitment from false promise. Amplify the rugged appearance with a progressive rap beat to get a temper that paints the facades of a gray outside in the glary colors of your inner shine.

by DeepRes – in the underground we thrive

OMYK (ectoplastic, LE)
hiphop | idm | cyber punk

Jkube (L.S.S. records, LE)
dub | glitch | breaks

COMCAP – EP release (defective collective, Adam)
hiphop | east coast | MPC2000

Trombone Schönfeld (DD)
triphop | freejazz | oriental

cracking-up-the-darkness DJ:

Steve Osten (L’amour Sound System,DD)
disco | funk | tropical


Maze (ectoplastic, LE)
audiovisual explorations |

COMCAP, Jkube, MAZE, OMYK, Trombone Schönfeld