DIVIDE AND DISSOLVE (AU) + CHELA [Ajay Saggar (Bhajan Bhoy) & Kohhei Matsuda (Bo Ningen)]

Sunday, September 10, 2023   
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D//D (AU) + CHELA [Ajay Saggar (Bhajan Bhoy) & Kohhei Matsuda (Bo Ningen)]

Divide and Dissolve members Takiaya Reed (saxophone, guitar, live effects/ (Black & Tsalagi [Cherokee]) and Sylvie Nehill (drums, live effects/ [Māori]) create instrumental music that is both heavy and beautiful, classically influenced yet thrillingly contemporary, and powerfully expressive and communicative. It has the ability to speak without words, and utilises frequencies to interact with the naturally occurring resonance.
Utilizing the indomitable and thunderous force of neo-classical doom metal, blackened drone and a fortress of amps to open up the earth. Music designed to empower Black & Indigenous people the world over and dismantle white supremacy.

“a remarkable listen…There’s an unnerving magic and beauty that plays throughout their harsh noise, like a dense mist lifting off a still river….Through glowing stasis and solemn ceremony, Divide and Dissolve’s sonics of despair and destruction have been crafted into a remarkably life-affirming experience, and it’s never been more needed.” – ★★★★ NME


Divide and Dissolve invest their dense and driven music with a unique perspective. These days, addressing race and gender in doom metal is considered extreme in itself; with Gas Lit the duo demonstrates that extremity is not just found through deftly executed blastbeats and downtuned riffs, but within the decision to create music that defies categorisation.” – The Wire
FFO:: Low, King Woman, Sunn O))), Ragana, BIG|BRAVE
Divide and Dissolve – Blood Quantum (official Music Video)


From the early protest songs that came from the violent occupation of Turtle Island (so-called United States), through punk music’s fight against the system, art has always been at the forefront of societal change. Whether that be through pointed attacks or something more existential – sung quietly or performed as loud as can be – music continues to be a spring-board for collective resistance.

Even so, few bands use their voice and platform quite as powerfully as Divide and Dissolve. Mirroring the brash, bone-crushing potency of their dynamic Drone music, the formidable Divide And Dissolve carry their fight and ancestors fight forward each and every day, using the power of their performances to draw attention to the ongoing battle against systemic oppression.

“We would like to observe a radical shift in the current paradigm of complacency in regards to oppressive power dynamics, genocide, racism, white supremacy, and colonization,” the band have previously said. “To give weight and validation to voices that are traditionally misrepresented and criminalized before given a chance to speak.”

Divide and Dissolve’s new and fourth album Systemic examines the systems that intrinsically bind us and calls for a system that facilitates life for everyone. It’s a message that fits with the band’s core intention: to make music that honours their ancestors and Indigenous land, to oppose white supremacy, and to work towards a future of Black and Indigenous liberation.

Saxophonist and guitarist Takiaya Reed comments, “This music is an acknowledgement of the dispossession that occurs due to colonial violence,” She continues, “The goal of the colonial project is to separate Indigenous people from their culture, their life force, their community and their traditions. The album is in direct opposition to this.”

Like its predecessor Gas Lit, Systemic was produced by Ruban Neilson of Unknown Mortal Orchestra and arrives on all formats through Invada on 30th June 2023 and is preceded by the lead single/video “Blood Quantum” which calls into question the violent process of verification of Identity.

Divide and Dissolve are focused on Indigenous Sovereignty. Takiaya is Black and Cherokee, and Sylvie is Maori. As a duo they released two full length albums, Basic (2017) and Abomination (2018) through DERO Arcade before signing with Invada to release their widely acclaimed third album Gas Lit in 2021, which was hailed Mary Anne Hobbs’ Album of the Year.

A Gas Lit remix EP was released in 2021, including reworking of Divide and Dissolve’s music by Moor Mother, Chelsea Wolfe and Bearcat.

Divide and Dissolve toured throughout North America and Europe in 2022 supporting Low and performing headline dates and festival appearances and have live shows and festival appearances planned in support of Systemic, including appearances at Supersonic Festival and End of the Road. At this time, due to personal reasons, Sylvie will be stepping back from her duties performing live with the band.



CHELA is the project of long-time friends and collaborators Ajay Saggar (Bhajan Bhoy) and Kohhei Matsuda (Bo Ningen).

They release their stunning debut album “Diagonal Drift” in August 2023 on Echodelick Records (USA), We Here & Now (Canada), Ramble Records (Australia), Worst Bassist Records (EU).

This album was patiently sketched out over a year in 2022, and compromises six minimal songs that weave darkly hypnotic melodies with drone-folk structures and crisp electronica on a cinematic bent. Dark piano tunes carry some songs, whilst others have banjo or analogue synths. The album reveals a side to Ajay and Kohhei’s compositions not heard before in their other groups, and is a sweet surprise for the listener. The result is a quiet, meditative and highly original work of outstanding beauty. Think Julius Eastman meets Fennesz.

Tags: Psychedelia, Kosmische, Electronic, Raga, Free Jazz, Drone, Folk

CHELA – Worship

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