DIY Workshop: Pinhole Photography; make cameras out of garbage!

Sunday, Feb 15, 2015 | Doors open: 11:00 - 19:00 | Donation

NOTICE; the workshop was filled up superfast!! It’s full and you can only put yourself on the waitinglist via e-mail. Maybe this workshop will be organised in other locations also in the future…

DIY PINHOLE CAMERA built out of GARBAGE PHOTO WORKSHOP in OCCII comin up 15 feb ! participation on donation… Hello possibly enthousiastic peoples,
Here some info about the workshop we planned in OCCII on sunday 15 feb 2015 from 11h-19h (with a souppie)

Tomek Kowalzcyk is from Poland and studied photography, he has an amazing project of making pinhole cameras out of garbage on the street, then put the camera back where we found the garbage and make the photo! Watch his film about camera making:

We start at really 11h, because we need enough time of daylight for doing the project…
We will ask some donations for materialcosts.
There can be a maximum of 8 people participating, so you can subscribe via kinderpret @
(Once you have subscribed, It’s also really important to cancel if you cannot come!!)
Language will be english

DIY Workshop