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Minimal guitarscapes,
De New Yorkse gitarist Alan Licht kennen we van zijn samenwerkingen met Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo, de indiebands Love Child en Run On, en de powerimprov van Blue Humans. Zijn Japanse tegenhanger Tetuzi Akiyama, maakte deel uit van Keiji Haino’s Nijiumu, werkte samen met artiesten als David Sylvian en Oren Ambarchi en is een van de gangmakers van de avontuurlijke Japanimprovscene.
Naar aanleiding van de nieuwe release Tomorrow Outside Tomorrow voor Editions Mego zakken Licht en Akiyama af richting OCCII en laten de grenzen tussen rock en experiment verder vervagen.

Since the late 80s, Alan Licht and Tetuzi Akiyama have followed parallel paths in blurring the boundaries between rock and experimental music. Each collaborated early on with an elder statesman of the respective New York and Tokyo noise rock scenes (Licht with Rudolph Grey, Akiyama with Keiji Haino) and went on to define their own styles in various solo and group formats. The two first played together in New York in 2002, and then toured New Zealand as a trio with Oren Ambarchi in 2004, resulting in the 3” live CD Willow Weep and Moan for Me—a kind of deranged drone-blues that was an extension of Licht’s work with Loren Connors, Akiyama’s bent boogie excursions, and Ambarchi’s patented booming tones. A decade later, Licht found himself in Tokyo and arranged a duo recording session with Akiyama. Despite the long gap since their last meeting, the two’s shared sensibilities were intact, as Akiyama’s wobbly tones meshed with Licht’s oozing feedback. Ambarchi and cornetist Rob Mazurek were contacted to provide overdubs, making for two separate trios; the results will be released by Editions Mego in April 2016. While the album was made with small amps in a private apartment, expect the live duo to put the spacious feel of those recordings into overdrive.

Duh, guys! Why didn’t anyone conceive of this incredible pairing sooner! I mean, American experimental minimalist/free-jazz mainstay Alan Licht and Japanese guitar/violin improv wizard Tetuzi Akiyama are BOTH, let’s face it, the CREAM of the avant-garde experimental folk and jazz CROP. But for whatever reason, their two forces never collided for a proper album-length jam session until NOW? (Someone up there in the “Divinely Ordained Musical Meetups Department” has been slacking off!)

And, okay. By “NOW,” I guess I actually mean November 4, 2014. That’s when Licht (on guitar and electronics) and Akiyama (on guitar) inevitably met up in Tokyo and, along with their pals Oren Ambarchi on guitar and Rob Mazurek on cornet, committed a few jams to tape with the help of Makoto Oshiro. The results were then mixed by Licht and Ted Young at Outer Space in Brooklyn on July 15, 2015. And now, lo and behold, the finished album is finally about to see the light of day on March 18 under the auspicious title of “Licht-Akiyama Trios: Tomorow Outside Tomorrow.” Dang, what a ride! But hey, we’re talking folk/jazz/blues improv here: this shit takes its time.

Editions Mego:

i.c.w. Sound in Motion/Oorstof


Naked Wolf is what happens when five creative musicians dedicate themselves to a band focused on catchy song structures and an open, flexible mode of interaction. With equal doses of unpredictable riffs, infectious groove, gritty noise and heavy pop, the result is a primitive avant-garde music that is driven by momentum. Untamed and controlled at the same time, Naked Wolf’s songs balance expressive outbursts with moments of compact unison, free improvisation and fragile lyricism.

Naked Wolf is a local group consists of Felicity Provan (cornet, vocals), Yedo Gibson (reeds), Mikael Szafirowski (electric guitar, vocals), Luc Ex (acoustic bass) and Gerri Jäger (drums). The members’ musical backgrounds differ as much as their origins: Australia, Brazil, Finland, Holland, Austria. They perform internationally and have played at festivals such as Alternativa (CZ), North Sea Jazz (NL) and Banlieues Bleues (FR). Their critically acclaimed debut album was released in 2014 on Belgian label el NEGOCITO. A second album will appear in 2016 on Clean Feed Records (Portugal).