ESCAPE-ISM (us) + Film: THE LOST RECORD (2021 USA, Alexandra Cabral & Ian F Svenonius)

Sunday, May 22, 2022   
Doors open: 20:00
Showtime: 20.30
Damage: €10

Rock ‘n Roll revolutionary and punk veteran Ian Svenonius is back in town. The mythical performer, author, and filmmaker is currently taking the world by storm with his duo project Escape-Ism. Carrying only a guitar, microphone, an analogue-sounding drum machine and tape deck, Escape-Ism reinvents rock ’n’ roll the same way the jet engine reinvented travel; ripping up the stage to tiny, little bits.
AND we’re SHOWING their latest FILM:


Directed, written. produced, & edited by Alexandra Cabral & Ian F Svenonius
Starring Pauline Jorry; Score by Alex Minoff. Songs by Escape-ism
A Rated Z Production


Ian F Svenonius & Alexandra Cabral are filmmakers who live in the United States of America; they play in a rock n roll combo called Escape-ism.

“The Lost Record” is their first feature film. Produced, written, directed, and edited by this dream drama duo, “The Lost Record” represents a new kind of “beneath the underground” cinema.


“The Lost Record” is a movie about a girl’s relationship to a record she finds, a valueless “lost record” from the cut out bin, which she brings to wider attention; first to her friends and then to mass culture.

“The Lost Record” she finds is obscure, unknown, and different than other records in that it talks to the listener. The girl and the record develop a very close relationship but tension arises; the Record urges her to turn her friends on to it, play it at parties, etc, while the girl would rather keep their thing intimate, to herself.

“The Lost Record” is a film about art, music, fetish, creation, popularity, fame, love, value, money, property, and records.

The Lost Record will fill a vast void in underground cinema with one which is stylish, conceptual and intelligent. The world of film is dominated now by either idiotic, propagandistic documentaries or low brow tributes to “B” exploitation movies.


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