FILM BAR NIGHT w/ DREGS (hellAsh & Argver) + DVDJ: Gods Wil

Wednesday, Apr 4, 2018 | Doors open: 20:00 - 01:00 |

OCCII Bar/Film Night
Independent-Experimental music/films + DVDJ


— “Dregs” by hellAsh and Argver, 41min, 2014
Filmed at an abandoned factory, inside a silo. ‘Dregs’ is about sound and vision, a musical in the industrial environment, a shamanic experience, when the b&w manages to reveal all colours of the visible spectrum.
–>Get inside the silo<-- trailer:

— “Teletourgia” by Masha Kharitonova, 8min, 2017
Teletourgia attempts to visually re-assemble the myth and mechanics of the ancient practices of Dionysian mysteries.

— “Propast” by Pavel Mkhlv, 24min, 2017
He has a time, facilities, personal freedom and a female Head to play with, but he doesn’t even realize how far his obsessions could bring him. He takes a ride into the death drive and discovers the cryptic aspects of existence which still have to be reached through the understanding. The short movie made by Pavel Mikhailov is the atmospheric non-linear audio-visual journey into the obscure side of being, inspired by dadaist movies and early experimental cinema.

DVDJ: Gods Wil

“Screenings starts at 21.30”