Sunday, May 07, 2023   
Doors open: 20:00
Showtime: 20.30
Damage: €10


GNOD! How can a band be both a bitter meditation on life’s struggles and injustices and a full-on serotonin fueled celebration of living another day simultaneously? We are thrilled to invite GNOD back to the OCCII. Their psychedelia-rooted noise rock has been close to us for more than a decade, and after seeing 20-odd shows, we can guarantee: you don’t want to miss out!!!
HARRGA (Avon Terror Corps). Furious electronics with fiery vocals. Though not explicitly political, their work confronts cruel power imbalances in the western world. Spitting anger at systems beating people down the ladder to maintain their position in meaningless hierarchies.

DØMES, a fresh English-American band, fuses Shoegaze and psychedelia to create a distinct sound. They’ve already earned street cred by releasing a split single with the mighty LOW and sharing a band with Jason Stöll, the founder of the respected God Unknown singles series. With their addition to the lineup, a formidable triumvirate emerges, featuring three distinct sounds sharing a common undercurrent of introspection.

Bookings are closed for this event. Remainder of the tickets will be sold at the door