Hosted by Gijs “Rooie Waas” Borstlap w/ Knot Applicable [x0,5]

Wednesday, Dec 07, 2016 | Doors open: 19:00 - 01:00 | FREE, Donation for Artists Welcome!

Occii Bar, gijs plays tunes
at 21:00 or so we do a performance
then we drink chat and play around some more

Host: rooie gijs waas and live: Voice – Rope – Cello by Sophie Fetokaki – Ewout Pieter den Ouden – Wilma Pistorius

Knot Applicable
Performance art group bringing Japanese bondage art and contemporary music/improvisation into experimental theatre

Ewout Pieter den Ouden, Gijs Borstlap, Knot Applicable, Sophie Fetokaki, Wilma Pistorius