Friday, December 01, 2023   
Doors open: 20:00
Showtime: 20:30
Damage: €8

Klonk #2.

The Homesick

Constant evolving. The musical road of Dokkumer outfit The Homesick keeps on taking twists and turns. Their critically acclaimed ‘The Big Exercise’ on Sub Pop was already moving away from their post-punk/dark pop sound. The cold Frisian sea winds, the empty town life was suddenly filled with baroque instrumentations and almost proggy influences. When COVID-19 hit, it set the tone for another reinvention. Solo projects, new environments and a sea of time to rehearse. The strings disappeared and are now replaced by samplers, synths and mini-disc players.

Music you can dance to, heavy influenced by 80s dub, post-punk and filled with even more trippy sounds. You can hear bands like Animal Collective, Colourbox and Tonnstartsbandht and the influence of a lot of house parties, but it is still undeniably The Homesick with their jibbery harmonizations, surprising chord progressions and playful dynamics. Their self-titled album is just out. You can experience it at the second night of Klonk, if they are not already moving in new directions.


“Is this (g)old or can I throw it away?”

The debut of this half French, half Dutch quartet that is looking for meaning in the clutter of sound they encounter; to create music that belongs to everyone.

While combining electronic instruments, electric guitars & classical vocals the group draws inspiration from minimal synth, no wave, opera and dub.

Hoarders never lose anything, so embrace the noise of your surroundings.

Rommel, zooi, troep, spullen.


Citruks is a musical project that originated over 3 years ago. The songs were written both in Overvecht and Amsterdam Noord. Music best described as Dutch songs, existing in a disruptive, awkward atmosphere. The songs, with echo’s of post punk, ambient, and the smartlap in them, consist out of broken rhythms, drumcomputers, and fragmented sounds. Citruks makes their debut at Klonk!

The Homesick – Live Session in Vera (2022)

The Homesick – Millimetric

DJ STEVE – (post-)punk

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