Friday, September 01, 2023   
Doors open: 20:00
Showtime: 20:30
Damage: €8


Nape Neck is a trio from Leeds (UK) playing post-punk that’s simultaneously tangled and taut, danceable and destructed, all while resisting any attempts to be easily situated as the latest addition to a specific geographic and genre-based continuum that stretches back to Gang of Four and Delta 5.

Nape Neck’s knotted rhythms and the intersecting/overlapping vocal shouts from all three band members bring to mind Scissor Girls or Erase Errata, who also drew inspiration from the spiky tension of first wave UK post-punk and translated it through the more wild and free tendencies of DNA-descended downtown art-noise.

Clipped Morse code rhythms and sharply punctuated lyrical declarations join forces with delirious, snaking guitar and duelling vocals which push against steady bass throb and stark, calculated beats as Nape Neck walk the tightrope between chaos and calm.

Through extensive touring of Europe in other bands (Beards/Guttersnipe) the members of Nape Neck also bring a deep love for DIY sounds and connection, which shows in their organisation (both compositionally and operationally).

Nape Neck is Claire Adams on bass guitar , Bobby Glew on guitar and Kathy Grayon drums. They all sing.

Hailing from Scotland, we find Comfort. Comfort presents an honest experience of dance, of groove, of liberation, of honesty and vulnerability. Comfort is Sean on drums and Natalie as energetic frontwoman. Weaving drums with piercing synths and weird samples, they create a world that is filled with built up emotions that release on stage. Engaging you in their personal story and protesting for queer liberation in a restricting society. Their live shows; infectious. A disarming, uncompromising energy that makes you want to dance.

New release on Fat Cat Records and a videoclip that underlines their urgency, now happy to welcome them in OCCII.


comfort – Real Woman

Hailing from Spain, landed in Groningen. This urban island is a breeding ground for so many successful diy artists – all intertwining, all supporting. Eigen Risico is a world on its own, blending hiphop with punk, anger with love, Spanish with English and sometimes some Dutch? Inspired by the likeminded jpegmafia, MIKE and Pretty V.

Perfect start for the first night of klonk!
klonk gives room to new sounds and music


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