Lo-Fi Playground Sessions – Vol. 8 w/ COWshiftZ + LogOut, Rutger Muller & Bernhard Hollinger + Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti + Boy On The Moon + Tatiana Rosa + Cantillate + Roos Pepe + KAAPO

Saturday, January 18, 2020   
Doors open: 00:00
Showtime: 21:00 - 03:00
Damage: €8

We are very excited for our next session!!!

Curated multi-media-art event, focusing on sound, visuals and performance.

– COW Shift Z – industrial techno & hardcore
– LOGOUT – singer/songwriter, synths & visuals
– Rutger Muller & Bernhard Hollinger – “Simulative” – Album-release
– Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti – visual installation
– Boy On The Moon – smooth Elektronika with instruments
– Tatiana Rosa – Visual Installation
– Cantillate (Veldwerk) – live-set
– Roos Pepe (Meduse MagiQ) – Plastic Healing Hour – Dj-Set
– KAAPO – Light-installation

Doors at 21.00
Tickets at the door!!!! CASH ONLY!!!!

1. Introducing to you our first artist COW Shift Z
Electronic musician, COW Shift Z plays industrial techno and hardcore live-set’s. She is seeking for aggressiveness in her music in a way to explore and express her primitive feeling.
Let’s get wild!!!

2. 2nd Artist is…. LOGOUT
Logout’s main sound concept is the translation of folk and indie songwriting into minimalistic synth-pop instrumentations at times dissolving into ambient soundscapes.

He was one of the first people that responded back in the days to our open call and having him on was long overdue.
Happy to have you part of this edition LogOut!

3. Artist No. 3 is celebrating the release of their collaboration:

SIMULATIVE (2020) is an avant-garde techno album by Rutger Muller (electroacoustic composer) and Bernhard Hollinger (progressive funk bassist). Echos of contemporary classical music explode and float around in rhythmic vortexes as Bernhard’s futuristic funk bass lines intertwine playfully with Muller’s glitchy microgrooves and warbling sub-basses.

Playground vibes are full on!!!!

4. We love to mix things up and let people try something new. You all know already our Artist No. 4!!!

Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti has been part of one of our earlier editions. Back then she put a spell on us with her magical shamanistic songs and noise performance.
This time she will join in to add something visual to the environment. Because, thats what she also does!

We are excited and looking forward to what she comes up with!

5. Next artist in our line-up for our Amsterdam-edition is….

Boy on the Moon

The islandic instrumentalist and composer will deliver beats, clarinet loops and smooth vocal lines.
Having him in the line-up was also over-due.
Happy that it finally works out!

6. We are so happy to have Roos Pepe on board!

She is part of the Amsterdam based artist collective Meduse MagiQ and will be pleasing our ears with her ambient Dj-Set “Plastic Healing Hour”.

Come early and get “healed”!!!

some additional info to……

R O O S P E E E is named after the asteroid 639 ROOSPEEE – the home to the WAKARUKU beings. Every month ROOSPEEE creates a Plastic Healing Hour for Radió Meduse MagiQ. Plastic Healing Hour enhances relaxing and trains the plasticity of the brain by playing stimulating and calming tunes.

7. Introducing…..

Amsterdam based producer Jip van der Duin aka Cantillate delivers dub-infused slo mo bangers to wavy Electronica with a special twist – shiny nuggets for today’s adventurous diggers! Productions of organic music that breathe vitaly and are not limited to its pure functionality. Skilled drummer and producer Cantillate creates club music for the open minded.

Also he is the brain behind Amsterdam’s non-profit and DIY community Veldwerk – a pure jewel of this city!!!

8. She has been with us for a long time and never fails to surprise us with new ideas!!!!

Tatiana Rosa is an audiovisual artist. She is an expert in live electronics, modern music researching and multidisciplinary performances. At our event she will be using visual language as her instrument, going out of her comfort zone and experimenting with old 8mm film projectors.

9. You all know KAAPO from his television installations. This time he will try something new…… something he had in mind already for a long time……

Playground mode: ON