L&S (FR/NL, Anthony Laguerre & G.W. Sok) + SPACE SIREN

Friday, June 30, 2023   
Doors open: 20:00
Showtime: 21:00
Damage: €10

L&S  a project by Anthony Laguerre & G.W. Sok + SPACE SIREN (Aico, Gwendolien & Ineke + Cees & Bart of HOWRAH)

L&S is an ambitious musical adventure, mixing rock and poetry with a symphony orchestra. The name of this band is short. Its musical history, however, long and divers. The new project of ANTHONY LAGUERRE (Nancy) and G.W. SOK (Amsterdam) arose out of the afterglow ashes of Filiamotsa (2007-2016), a band from the east of France that ceased to exist at the end of 2016. Their first full length album together was with Laguerre’s aforementioned group, which Sok had joined in 2014. In 2015 they released ‘Like It Is’, a harbinger of what was to come several years later.
Laguerre (Myotis, Praag) and Sok (co-founder of The Ex and their singer till 2009, afterwards in bands such as Oiseaux-Tempête, Action Beat, ex-King Champion Sounds and lots more) embarked in 2020 on their challenging escapade, during which they desired to bring together rock, poetry and a symphony orchestra. A desire which made Sok take care of the texts (inspired by poets such as Ginsberg and Prévert), while Laguerre focused on the compositions (inspired too, by Gainsbourg for example). They brought in Eric Thomas on guitar and Jean-Michel Pires (Oiseaux-Tempête, Bruit Noir, Mendelson) on drums, and then joined forces with the Gradus Ad Musicam orchestra from Nancy.

In September 2022 the result of all this, their album ‘WHEN THE VOWELS FALL‘ was set free into the world.

“Basically, the two bring alternative rock with a cinematic and poetic slant, which is less contrary than you may be used to from them. But make no mistake, the melancholy and the feelings they have incorporated are pretty intense (in a positive way, that is). The classical instruments certainly do not smooth things over, but only accentuate the emotions and manage to make the impact of the music land a little softer in a beautiful way. (…) The strong lyrics and music already make a deep impression, which is due to the eloquence of the vocals, half-songs and spoken word of G.W. Sock is taken to an even higher level. They operate at the crossroads where experimentation, avant-garde, rock, classical music and artistic beauty converge. (…) Both gentlemen really deliver an inimitable masterpiece here with their guests.” — JW Broek/De Subjectivisten, Sept. 26th, 2022

Due to obvious practical reasons L&S performs live mainly as a four-piece. With the same impact, though, as when they would play together with an orchestra.

“It remains to evoke the summit of this festival, one of those rare, exceptional moments, which rumor will soon tell you that you should have been there. As the storm rose on the Ponant, L&S blew a wind of poetry, and poured out, without splashing, the contained rage of a big sound without violence. The association of Lorraine bassist Anthony Laguerre and Dutch singer-writer G.W Sok, the friction of writing, thought and dark atmosphere, in tune with a world that laughs very little, produced a musical spark as we do not hear every spring. Neither rock nor jazz, this coherent universe, without frills, summons references such as Lou Reed, The Fall, the twilight Johnny Cash or the last embers of a dying Bashung. (…) a staggering project, which has bided its time during two years of pandemic.” — Le Télégramme, Oct. 21st 2022

G.W. Sok – vocals
Anthony Laguerre – guitar, bass, orchestra-samples
Jean-Michel Pires – drums
Eric Thomas – guitar


Yes, we know it is and isn’t, of course. But Bart and Cees from Howrah go some way to fill guitarist Corno Zwetsloot’s shoes. Expect some absolute golden moments from one of the greatest Dutch independent rock bands in the last 20 years and one of the true kickstarters of what is now called the Dutch underground. Those who know, know.
Layered guitars and a sweet succulent voice pull you in and spit you out – gently. Indie band Space Siren is moody without being too heavy, and catchy without being too poppy. Their songs sound like they know where they’re going, but they’ll never let you in on the secret. They have that forward drive every band should have: the sound of needing to make music, not just wanting to.


Bookings are closed for this event. 50 tickets will be sold at the door