Saturday, March 26, 2022   
Doors open: 20:00
Showtime: 20:30
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Secluded Bronte formed in London and launched in New York City in 2002. Their music combines free improvisation, speech, musique concrète, pop, rock ‘n’ roll, music-theatre, expanded cinema… you name it. It’s heterogenous stuff.

A little namedropping might work better, because it is precisely this elusive quality that ensures that a very diverse list of top artists – a.o. Squarepusher, Stereolab, Felix Kubin, Jim O’Rourke, Add N To X, Royal Trux, Peter Strickland, Lol Coxhill, David Byrne, Björk, Iggy Pop, The Necks, Charles Hayward, Ken Campbell, Christian Marclay en Ilan Volkov – is very fond of them and enjoys working with them.

Secluded Bronte have toured in the United States and throughout Europe. They have recorded live sessions for BBC Radio 3, WFMU, Concertzender, Resonance FM. Secluded Bronte have released six albums and two singles: Secluded in Jersey City (Pogus), Dark August Variations (Worm Records/K7-3), Ten Point Plan To Destroy Astrology (Singing Knives), For Entertainment Everyone Dies (Apolkalypso), Daughter Tunnel Sunlight (Ffordd Allan). In 2020 the group released two albums on the Ffordd Allan label, Magnetic Crochet and the live album Queen’s. In November a third album, The Horns of Andromeda, was released on Takuroku.

Secluded Bronte are:
Adam Bohman – voice, home made string instruments, objects.
Jonathan Bohman – voice, piano, electronics, objects, percussion.
Richard Thomas – voice, guitars, bass, piano, synthesizers, harmonica, computer, drum machine, percussion, telephone

“It’s hard to describe the raw, explosive audio art they perpetrate. Everyday objects and sounds are worked on until they become saturated with lurid suggestion, resulting in a bizarre, hysterical immediacy … in the traditions of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, the Bohman Brothers kitchen-sink realism laughs at the grand claims of lofty art. They will show you fear in a sponge from a drainer.”

(Ben Watson in The Wire)

Secluded Bronte are a multi-faceted experimental trio whose work has embraced scrapheap musique concrete, clattering post-punk, spoken word, poetry, improvisation and more. Collected from a mixture of studio and live recording, this suite of perfectly planned mischief slips and slides between the physical and metaphysical, pathos and alien-abstraction, wry humour and obscenity – relishing in awkward dualities and eccentric imbalances. Tuneful ditties emerge before switching frame to an aural car crash. Shared refrains and in-jokes from live shows are unveiled, then jump gear to a Morricone-soundtracked car-chase. Listen close, arrange the junk and unpack the mystery.

Style: Sound Collage, Free Improvisation, Experimental, Dream Pop, Lo-Fi
Marijn Verbiesen (Red Brut, Sweat Tongue) & Michiel Klein (Lewsberg, Sweat Tongue).
The duo creates lo-fi sound collages working with flea market cassettes, tape-loops, keyboards and vocals in both English and Dutch.
Live performances by Goldblum are completely improvised, sometimes chaotic, sometimes fragile. The six tracks on this tape however are carefully constructed to create a mini-album that is best listened to as a whole. Luckily their hands-on appeal remains fully intact, with first takes and spontaneous arrangements. Fragments of golden oldies, crippled rhythms, noisy outbursts and melancholic melodies come together in dreamlike songs and soundscapes, submerged in tape hiss.


Aaron Lumley: Double Bass
Nora Mulder: PARPremote ((PARP stands for Piano hARP))

Nora Mulder is creating & performing composed and improvised music, noise, performing art, music for silent movies. She performs solo, with her own groups 7090, Ensemble Extra Ordinair and Picatrix, with visual artists, dancers, actors, poets and chefs and all who are challenging her. PARP7090 was horizontal and performed in De Graasj and De Loods in February 2021. The PARPremote is vertical and an attempt to make PARP remote controllable.
In 2019 Nora received the Willem Breuker Award.
7090 – collective with main characters Nora Mulder and Koen Kaptijn. Ensemble Extra Ordinair – with Han Buhrs, Salvoandrea Lucifora and Fabio Galeazzi. Picatrix – with Greetje Bijma and Mary Oliver.

Aaron Lumley (1981, North Bay, Canada) is an Amsterdam-based double bass player and improvising musician. Working primarily in the fields of free jazz, post rock and 21st century composed music, Lumley is an exploratory musician who embraces the huge sonic and expressive power of the acoustic contrabass. He plays on gut strings tuned in fifths, one octave lower than a cello, for their raw tonality and deep resonance.

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