Thursday, February 16, 2017   
Doors open: 00:00
Showtime: 20:30 - 01:00
Damage: €6

PLURALS are pure-blooded no-audience underground gold – dense fields of sound conjured up from a stockpile of equipage including guitars, synths, tape machines, objects, various reeds and assorted stringed instruments.

Plurals have released material on Dead Pilot Records, Oaken Palace, Southern Records (Latitudes Sessions), Tor Press, Dead Sea Liner, Striate Cortex, RHP CDrs, Vacant Fulfilment, Structured Disasters and Sheepscar Light Industrial. Much of their discography is freely available from Bandcamp.

SLY & THE FAMILY DRONE are a primal orchestra of drum rhythms, radiophonic oscillator noise and electronically-abstracted vocals. They forge hypnotic, textural workouts in the vein of Black Dice, Shit & Shine and Crash Worship. Improvising around skeletal structures, the players lock into a telepathic ebb and flow of hypnotic drums, tumbling electronic scree and modulated, obscured howls of rage.

Sly’s reductionist take on music is literal: they split their drum kit to its singular base units, passing individual drums to the audience who maintain the beat while they free themselves for more noise and freestyle mayhem, ultimately eliminating any boundaries between spectator and performer. This egalitarian approach propels audience and band together into a shamanistic setting of catharsis and anarchic celebration.


“designed to blow out the fug of your enfeebled minds”

– The Quietus