New Conditions presents: ÚJ BÁLA (hu) + SPOIWO (pl) + PALMOVKA (cz) + DJ Starfield (Treehouse) & DJ Sanitary (T) (Party Mit Muzik)

Sunday, May 01, 2016 | Doors open: 19:00 | €7

Új Bála (Budapest, Baba Vanga)
Budapest-based artist and producer Új Bála is Gábor Kovács. With a flare for the mangled, gritty heart of techno—his music is relentless, industrial, and brilliantly heavy. A first-time appearance in Amsterdam, his album Boka was just released on Prague’s infamous Baba Vanga imprint.

Spoiwo (Gdansk, Arctic Drones)

Dubbed the best newcomer post-rock band of 2015 by Arctic Drones, this group of five friends hailing from the heart of the Gdansk Shipyard, focus on the core emotional state of music, sailing on the seven seas of madness—unbounded—they play their hearts out!

Palmovka (Prague, Easterndaze)

Exploring the dark underbelly of politics in the new age of boredom through raw and deeply personal live electronics, artist, producer, journalist, organizer, and co-founder of Baba Vanga & Easterndaze—Palmovka is the infamous Lucia Udvardyová! A contributor to Electronic Beats, Resonance FM, and The Quietus, this Amsterdam event is a rare appearance and not to be missed.

DJ Starfield (Treehouse) & DJ Sanitary (T) (Party Mit Muzik)

+ Visuals by Margarita O!

New Conditions presents: Új Bála, Spoiwo, Palmovka & More!

DJ Sanitary, DJ Starfield, PALMOVKA, SPOIWO, ÚJ BÁLA