Nightfeeder (US) + Hiatus (BE) + Traumatizer (NL) + Neuroot (NL) + DJ STEVE

Sunday, June 23, 2024   
Sounds Of Deceit
Doors open: 19:00
Showtime: 19:30-23.30
Damage: 10 euro

Sounds Of Deceit presents :

NIGHTFEEDER (Seattle raging crust – ex Disrupt, State of Fear, Consume, Deathraid, etc)
Nightfeeder’s sound is classic hard-rockin’ American hardcore punk. Fellow Pacific Northwest band Poison Idea pioneered that kind of apocalyptic scuzz, and it’s been festering since then in places like Japan and Finland.

Their take on it is ugly and mean and riff-heavy, and there’s a whole lot of Mötorhead in its DNA.

Nightfeeder is a relatively new band, but its members have been around for a long time. In the late ’80s and early ’90s, singer Jay Stiles was in the pioneering Massachusetts crust band Disrupt.
Since then, they’ve spent time in Seattle bands Consume and Deathraid, and a bunch of former members of those bands are also in Nightfeeder.
Nightfeeder released their demo in 2020, and they followed it with a self-titled 2021 EP and with the excellently titled 2022 full-length Cut All Of Your Face Off.
Today, they’ve released the supremely grimy new three-song EP Disgustör.”

HIATUS (Crustpunk from Luik since 1989′)

Hiatus is a hardcore punk (crust) band from Liège, Belgium.
Formed in May 1989, at this time the line-up was Phill, Ben, Raf and Phil. They played in a Doom/Discharge/ENT style and recorded two demos. Soon after Willy joined them on bass.
A first 7″ was recorded (i don’t easily scared but…). Phill and Raf left the band then Azill joined as guitarist. Several 7″ (among others “way of doom” and a spilt with Doom) were released and they toured the United States and Canada in 1991.
Willy left the bass and became the main singer so the band recruited an additional member : Fred on the bass.
In 1993, the first LP “from resignation…to revolt” is released. Hiatus toured intensively through Europe with bands like No security, Svart Snö, Mushroom attack/Fleas and Lice, Six feet over…
Meanwhile, Fred quit the band and Jonas becomes the new bass player.
A second album “El sueño de la razón produce monstruos” is released in 1995. Hiatus toured the United States and Canada for the second time with american crusties State of fear. In 1996, a mini LP commonly called “the brain” is released with elements of modern hardcore added to their crust punk sound. They splitted up in 1997.
After a hiatus of 12 years, Willy, Phil, Ben and Azill did three reunion gigs in 2009 (in Liège, Lille and London) with Chris (Health Hazard/Doom) on bass.
On hiatus again, they eventually reunite again in 2019 with this time Sam (Werly/Suitside vs vedaplight) on bass. With this line-up, they release a new album in 2022 called “out of hand” on ruin nation records (D).
Fall of 2023, Paskk (Collapsed) has joined the band as new bass player.
Historical singer Willy passes away in 2024 but following Will’s wish, the show must go on, the band survives without him…


TRAUMATIZER (Furious D-beat from Haarlem)

Hailing from Haarlem, The Netherlands, Traumatizer are sure to leave you craving for more with their blown-out dbeat assault that hits you right in the face.


The band was founded in 1980 by Marcel Stol in Doesburg, with singer Schaar (Leon Dekker) and
guitarist Wouter Noordhoff, H.P. (Hans Peter van Beuzekom) on drums and Marcel as bass guitarist.
In the years 1984 -1990, Neuroot founder and bassist Marcel Stol is also co-founder and driving force
behind the creation and development of the internationally renowned Punk stage De Goudvishal.
There he is a programmer, poster designer, chairman and in the years 2018-2022 the driving force
behind the releases of the two Live LPs ‘Live at Goudvishal 1984-1990’ Volume 1 and Volume 2 and,
together with Henk Wentink, the book ‘Goudvishal : DIY or Die! Punk in Arnhem, Holland 1977-1990’
In 2012 the band makes a new start to record a new song for the album Punk’s not deaf with Ares Lux
as new drummer under the project name ‘Neuroot DeLuxe’.
In 2021 the LP Plead Insanity is reissued (with a new cover) on the German label Power it Up! and in
2022 the German label Give em Hell / Threat from the Past will release a real Neuroot ‘package’,
under the name ‘Raw / Rare 1982-1988’ containing an LP and CD with live, demo and rehearsal
recordings as well as a reproduction from the Right is Might 7″ vinyl EP.

DJ STEVE will play tunes before and in between performances.


Doors : 19h.
Neuroot at 19:30h
Traumatizer at 20:30h.
Hiatus at 21:30h.
Nightfeeder at 22:30h.
Early event due to Sunday. Please show up on time!


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Ticket price is 10 euro Booking fee 0,50


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