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Philadelphia’s NOTHING have been destroying the eardrums of audiences throughout North America for the past 2 years with a magnetic blend of captivatingly dark and beautiful vocals and explosive, blown out, in the red guitar fuzz. On their debut full length Guilty Of Everything, recorded and produced by Jeff Zeigler (Kurt Vile, War On Drugs, etc)
NOTHING seamlessly merge the huge distorted guitar sound of 90s/00s alternative rock giants My Bloody Valentine and Smashing Pumpkins with Jesu’s introspective post-metal/hardcore. This is a triumph of a debut that successfully manages to be massively loud, darkly introspective and totally beautiful all at once.

Nothing was formed in 2011 by Domenic Palermo. Previously Palermo was the brains behind the early 2000’s hardcore/punk act Horror Show. in 2002 Horror Show was put on hold after Palermo was incarcerated for a stabbing that eventually led to a 2 year prison sentence.

Upon his return Palermo would take a lengthy hiatus from music. In 2011 Palermo released a demo tape titled “Poshlost” under the moniker NOTHING. After several attempts at constructing a solid lineup for the band Palermo met Brandon Setta.

Setta would bring a lush, rich soundscape and a fresh approach to Palermos vision for Nothing. Setta and Palermo would handle the writing for the next release, a very rare 12″ EP that was released on Japanese boutique label Big Love Records called Suns And Lovers( A play off of the D.H. Lawernce book). It was limited to 300 copies and the bands share was donated back to the label for a Tsunami Relief Charity.

The next release, Downward Years To Come was a 5 song EP and was recorded at the Rubber Tracks Studio in Brooklyn with Kyle “Slick” Johnson. The record was released by Baltimore Label A389 Records in November 2012. The record was written by Palermo and Setta. The concept behind Downward Years To Come was a dedication to several different poets who had taken their own lives. Setta and Palermo would again head into the studio, this time with Jeff Zeigler at Uniform Recordings to write their debut Lp, “Guilty Of Everything” and sign with Relapse Records.


“It’s the most complete, satisfying, and original-sounding shoegaze album since the scene that celebrated itself burnt out.” -Noisey

“A profoundly thoughtful, beautifully crushing wave of droning distortion, the album is epic and stirring, even unnerving at times, but it carves a path toward enlightened serenity.” -NPR

“Nothing are one of the loudest bands playing music today, drawing inspiration from genre titans My Bloody Valentine as well as modern genre-crossers Deafheaven. Roaring, wall-of-sound guitars arrive with enough force to knock you back a few steps. The sound is vast.” -Rolling Stone

“Expansively pretty and brutally fuzzed-out, but there’s a heavy intensity to their enormous-sounding debut album Guilty Of Everything that can’t be attributed to just a My Bloody Valentine influence.” -Stereogum

+++++ NOTHING (vs) +++++
Whether you call it unusually heavy dream pop or shoegaze with balls of steel, Phildelphia’s Nothing definitely tapped into something this year with their debut album Guilty of Everything. Many may have found them guilty of rehashing the same old sounds, we prefer to wholeheartedly wallow in Nothing’s guilt instead. Alt rock in spirit, heavy enough to be released on metal giant Relapse, catchy as hell and punk as fuck is very much 2014 in our book. Are you ready to be candycrushed?

+++++ CHEAP DRUGS (be) +++++
Black Flag style Barfight Bruisers from Belgium

+++++ CHAIN OF FLOWERS (uk) +++++
Sweet Mary and Jesus, no Cure for these Sisters here, have Mercy! 80’s, goth, you know the drill.