OCCII Bar -w/ JOHN (us) – Rainbearcultsolo Performance

Wednesday, March 25, 2015   
Doors open: 00:00
Showtime: 18:00
Damage: FREE


Every wednesday the Occii is open for a drink, food and a chat with some nice tunes, sometimes exhibition opening and sometimes live music – but always with nice people hanging out, and a cozy and friendly atmosphere!

JOHN / rainbearcultsolo ( USA- diaspora )
Program of original compositions featuring work from two operas of JOHN: i.e; FOLKTALE ( 1983-2015 ) and STEVEDORIO ( 2014 ), and other selections.
Folk, blues, traditional, soul, classical, minimal, loops, rock, funk, trance, opera, musique concrete, etc. In short, a buffet of style compacted into a short program starting at 10 in the evening, at the wonderful OCCII.
STEVEDORIO is about the actual situation of truckers getting irradiated at the Port of Seattle, and their lives and the lives of those on the periphery of their personal very potential tragedy, told in the manner of Italian opera and country western.
FOLKTALE is about the corporate colonialist plundering of the planet, in the guise of morals and a grand ruling class, very full of satire. FOLKTALE is being considered for the Hans and Lea Grundig Prize for anti-fascist art reflecting the Diaspora, presented by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Berlin.
These works were recently shared with some of the citizens of Berlin and last fall in Portland, Oregon, performed in the actual street in the Pearl District.
Music at 10 PM, no cover, donations accepted, food and drink from 6 PM. Vegan Dinner ( $ ) from MKV, call by 6 PM to reserve. Happy Hour all night, and it’s a really nice one, probably better than you have experienced anywhere.