OCCII “Envisioning Free Space” BAR w/ DJ’s MOIRA & Ms.Take + Visuals by MASS

Thursday, November 24, 2022   
Vrije Ruimte & EFS
Doors open: 19:00
Showtime: 20.30
Damage: FREE | Donation for the Players!

Envisioning Free Space Conference Official Opening!

19.00-20.00 Deuren open, inloop

20.00-20.30 Welkom en korte presentaties met beamer / scherm

20.30-21.30 MOIRA (Culture Assault Records, IT) – dj set

21.30-22.30 Ms.TAKE

Visuals by MASS

Ms.Take likes to combine fast-paced and energetic drum rhythms with layers of atmospheric sounds. Her sonic DJ sets integrate and tangle elements of techno, electro, hard-groove, and trance, charging you up with unparalleled energy to take upon the dance floor.

MASS is a collective based in Europe whose focus is creating live visual shows. Using multiple media to blend cultural references , ancient symbols and futuristic renders, MASS produces unique immersive journeys around electronic music.

MOIRA is the alter ego of Philipp Kieser, an experimental music militant / culture transformer / crossover connector / event provocateur. Philipp Kieser lives to merge and transform. He does it while running his labels Culture Assault and Ritual Tekno, setting up events and festivals such as HOSPIZ and instigating collectives like MIK.

Experimental music and challenging underground and rave culture are his weapon of choice, when it comes to activist-like engagement: His ultimate resistance tool against an expanding culture of mediocrity worldwide. Culture Assault Records is and has always been a platform for different soundscapes melting into one and another.

MOIRA conjures up the spirits of dark electronic music. Sometimes broken, sometimes eerie and repetitive, always meditative, it is electronic music alchemy, showing what it means to wander in between the worlds.

Mixtape: https://soundcloud.com/culture-assault-records/moira-tales-of-a-hanged-man-cultmix777
IG: @wanderinginbetweenworlds
YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnWAM5iWZvo&t=18453s
WEB: www.2050.culture-assault.com 

Ms.TakeMASS Visuals

👉 By means of this festival they want to draw attention to the importance and value of free space, which cannot be expressed in monetary terms. The festival takes place in multiple ‘alternative’, non-commercial venues in the city with a program of discussions, exhibitions, live bands, documentaries, food, drinks, tours, audio-visual experiments and parties.
👉 Together we are organising a series of discussions and workshops from Thursday 24 to Sunday 27 November on various topics such as free space, night culture, regeneration, alternative economies and much more. Het Vrije Ruimte Festival stands for experiment, passion, fun, collectivity and the sharing of knowledge and experience.

AA Vrije Ruimte Festival x Envisioning Free Space Conference

Op vrijdag 25 en zaterdag 26 november organiseert Amsterdam Alternative voor het eerst het Vrije Ruimte Festival. Door middel van dit festival willen we het belang en de – niet in geld uit te drukken – waarde van vrije ruimte onder de aandacht brengen. Het festival vindt plaats op meerdere ‘alternatieve’, niet-commerciële locaties in de stad met een programma van discussies, exposities, live bands, documentaires, eten, drinken,  rondleidingen, audio-visuele experimenten en feestjes. Het festival is tevens een samenwerking met de door Space Of Urgancy georganiseerde Envisioning Free Space conference. Met deze uit Berlijn overgewaaide conferentie organiseren we van donderdag 24 tm zondag 27 november een reeks discussies en workshops over verschillende onderwerpen als vrije ruimte, nachtcultuur, regeneratie, alternatieve economieën en nog veel meer. Het Vrije Ruimte Festival staat voor experiment, passie, plezier, collectiviteit en het delen van kennis en ervaring.


This November 2022, the Berlin-based Envisioning Free Space Conference (also known as Freit(T)räume) arrives in Amsterdam.

The conference creates a space for interdisciplinary collaboration to drive policy change. We are gathering to explore how to build a city whose citizens have the opportunity to shape the environment in which they live – by creating a space for experimentation and manifesting the discoveries that take place into actionable legislation.