[FULL HOUSE] Film: GAZA SURF CLUB (2016, Gaza, AR/EN subs)

Thursday, November 02, 2023   
Doors open: 19:30
Showtime: 20:00
Damage: Donation

Palestine Cinema Days presents: GAZA SURF CLUB

Co-Presented with Filmlab Palestine

On the somber anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, observed on November 2nd, and in an effort to amplify Palestinian voices, we are screening “GAZA SURF CLUB” directed by Philip Gnadt and Mickey Yamine.

The screening is free of charge.

As international news outlets, world leaders, and major social media platforms are engaging in censorship and distorting the narrative, all while perpetuating the dehumanization of Palestinians and their enduring suffering, we extend our channels in support of “Palestine Cinema Days” Festival, forcibly cancelled.

ينما تنخرط وسائل الإعلام الدولية وقادة العالم ومنصات التواصل الاجتماعي الكبرى في الرقابة وتحريف وتشويه السردية الفلسطينية، وبينما يواصلون تجريد الفلسطينيين من إنسانيتهم ومعاناتهم المستمرة، فإننا نفتح منصاتنا لدعم مهرجان “أيام فلسطين السينمائية”، الذي تم إلغاؤه قسراً.

في ذكرى وعد بلفور، التي تصادف الثاني من تشرين الثاني/نوفمبر، وحرصاً منا على إيصال الأصوات الفلسطينية، نعرض فيلم “نادي غزة لركوب الامواج” للمخرجين “فيليب خنادت و ميكي يامن” في تمام الساعة السابعة والنصف مساءً، في “OCCi”، امستردام.

العرض مجاني

Trapped in “the world’s largest open-air prison” and ruled by war, a new generation is drawn to the beaches. Sick of occupation and political gridlock, they find their own personal freedom in the waves of the Mediterranean – they are the surfers of Gaza.

GAZA SURF CLUB (Official Trailer) HD1080

Quotes & Other
“A group of young men, as well as a few girls, hit the waves as a way of mentally escaping the Gaza Strip in this handsome, uplifting documentary.” Variety

“Gaza Surf Club skirts a direct discussion of politics. It’s not necessary.” Screen International

“Politics is not the point of Gaza Surf Club — it is, in fact, barely mentioned — but the political situation there informs every part of this project.” Vogue

Category: Documentary
Director: Philip Gnadt, Mickey Yamine
Production: Little Bridge Pictures
Format: Full HD/DCP
Runtime: 1h 27m
Production Year: 2016
Broadcaster: WDR
Language: Arabic, English
Subtitled Versions: English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Arabic
Country: Germany
Genre: Human Rights, Politics, Society, Travel

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