Friday, October 08, 2021   
Doors open: 20:30
Showtime: 21:30
Damage: €8

Voor deze show is de CoronaCheck app verplicht. Zorg voor een geldige QR-code, vergeet je ID niet en check thuis alvast of de app werkt!

Pretty//Ugly presents:

Geo comes from the cracks of the Earth to encourage people to be strange and sincere. Our message translates to music that looks for the edges; making weird funk and danceable punk.

Global Charming exorcise the banality of everyday life, knowing the planet is doomed and the printer is out of ink again.
On their upcoming debut album Mediocre, brutal the Amsterdam based postpunk quartet explore the monotony of daily routines, survival of the dullest kind; because boring is intense. Fuelled by the lingering energy of repetitive rhythm, wayward guitars wash away the dead taste of vending machine coffee, breaking free from frustration with sharp jolts. Lyrics about cutlery and new coats blend with Global Charming’s lean compositions, marked by playful synths and percussion.

The Earwurms
We are The earwurms, A riot-girl band that plays conceptual punk. We are located in Amsterdam, where we have been playing around for I while now. we started to play together in high school with zero knowledge on how to play our instruments, we learned to play together by practicing during our lunchbreaks. The band is made up out of Carmen (guitar, singing) Paloma (Bass, singing) and Inez (drums, singing). We are full of passion and energy, we hope to push people with the noises and images we create. COME WURM WITH US

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