Saturday, July 04, 2020   
Doors open: 00:00
Showtime: 19:15 | 22:15
Damage: €8

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First show 19:00 doors, 19:15 showtime
Second show 22:00 doors, 22:15 showtime

This is a seated concert, a limited amount of chairs will be put in the space with 1.5m distance, but if you come as a couple or pair you can sit together, buy 2 tickets on same account.

Bring CASH for drinks!!!!!

Hurricane Joe (Bruja, Roffa, Narco Country)
Hurricane Joe is a narco singer from Rotterdam.
This maniac mixes a tex-mex style country sound with the raw energy of punk. I’ve personally seen him on stage multiple and each time was totally different, this Hurricane guy is hard to follow, I wonder what he will be up to next.

Bagdaddy (Iraqi, Harsh Exotica, Noord-Brabant mindfuck)
Bagdaddy Records is an Eindhoven-based middle finger movement. The movement releases loud, alternative and less loud music by loud bands. Occasionally there’s a run of exclusive “Vieze Hoer” or “Schone Poes” soaps.The label is run by an Iraqi cat-ghost-girl who only wanders into existence when there’s something that needs to blow up (in every sense of the word).
Cairo Liberation Front first brought Bagdaddy performances to life in 2018, resulting in a permanent spot within the band and her solo project. Was supposed to play OCCII back in march, but then COVID hit.

Svartvit (The Hague, Harsh Noise)
The Hague-based sound experimentation that breaches the gap between harsh industrial noise music and performance art. Over the course of 10+ years Svartvit has been exploring the physicality of sound often using his own bodily functions as sound-sources. High volume, extreme frequencies, feedback, endurance & degradation are utilised to create a tension in which sound will not only be heard but also felt, experienced. This results in highly personal performances that remind one of the cathartic & confrontative nature of Viennese Aktionism and early industrial groups like Club Moral with an immediacy and rage that is often found in hardcore-punk.

Kevin Jansen has been active in various other projects (Erstwhile, Qualm, Clamor etc.) runs a record label (the тide øf тhe εnd) and has played over 250 shows in 25 different countries. Releases have appeared on labels like TESCO and Instruments of Discipline.

Bookings are closed for this event. 50 tickets will be sold at the door