CxFx (au) + RUMMELSNUFF (de) + LoveyDove (us)

Friday, October 30, 2015   
Doors open: 00:00
Showtime: 20:30
Damage: €6

Scott Sinclair is Company Fuck (or CxFx), which is a “one-man noisecore karaoke explosion.” While wearing gold (or pink) bodysuits with nerd glasses, the Berlin-based Australian artist does a parody-performance of a DJ, MC, singer, and dancer which, to me, is post-modern interpretive dance meets the new performance artist one-man band.
AHOI! HIER seid Ihr richtig – HIER funkt der Käpt’n – darselbst!

Käpt’n Rummelsnuff macht Männermusik. Ergreifende Melodien mit deutschen Texten von der weiten See, von Schraubern und Motoren, von Grillwerkzeug und tschechischem Obstbrand, von Boxern und Ringern oder von den Pumpern aus Randberlin ergreifen aber auch die Mädels in steigendem Maße, was durchaus auch mit der körperlichen Erscheinung des Käpt’n und seiner Mannschaft zu tun haben kann.
Das Werk des Kraftsportlers und Türstehers paßt in keine Schublade, deswegen erfand er eine eigene: Derbe Strommusik.

Rummelsnuff – Der Käpt'n nimmt dich mit

Gepriesen von arte bis Bild ist der sympathische Kraftbolzen immer mal wieder unterwegs durch Deutschland und Mitteleuropa.


Captain Rummelsnuff makes music for men. His gripping melodies that tell tales of the wide open sea, of gear-heads and motors, of wurst or schnaps, of boxers and wrestlers or of body builders from the outskirts of Berlin have gathered him a growing female following as well, though… a fact that might be related to the impressive stature of the captain and his crew. As no pigeonhole could fit the highly original musical output of the muscle-bound bouncer and fitness trainer, he quick as winking created his own: derbe Strommusik (= rough electric music.) Praised by every media from the yellow press to European cultural TV channels, the friendly hulk is touring central Europe from time to time…

Rummelsnuff – Trägt die Woge dein Boot

Rummelsnuff feat. Christian Asbach – Poi Soldat Poi

LoveyDove links/bio:

LoveyDove is the seductive high-grade modernist pop duo of lo-fi indie rock pioneer Azalia Snail & pysch-rock virtuoso musical maestro Dan West.

With their new album ShowStopper, Dan & Azalia pull out all the stops to showcase their uncanny ability to blend anthem rock, bubblegum pop, old-school soul, BeeGees disco, and modern electro-pop in a way that is completely irresistible and immeasurably memorable.

The powerful tour-de-force rock nugget “Crown Dancer” kicks off Side One followed by the super catchy song “Main Course.” Their vibrant, lounge-y cover of the Todd Rundgren classic “I Saw the Light” features Allene Norton of CELLARS, whose new album is produced by Ariel Pink and was called one of top 15 artists to watch by the LA Weekly. “Beppe of Italy,” is a bouncy and bountiful pop classic sung partly in Italian, written about a magnificent giant cat they met on tour in Tuscany.
Another guest star is the marvelously witty John S. Hall of King Missile fame, joining in with spoken word on “Top Stop,” an anti-corporate memorandum. LoveyDove backed up John S. Hall on a recent tour of New Zealand and released a record under the name King Missile IV on PowerTool Records.

Last year LA RECORD debuted the music video for the next song, the hit single “Luka Fisher”, a hummable novelty song about the artist catalyst, which features appearances from Terminal A, HOTT MT, Feral Kizzy, and surrealist comedian Trenton Willey.
Just as it couldn’t get any catchier, it does so with the deliciously zesty “Instant Joy” and the yearning, desiring “Enuf Days” (with its Donna Summer-like call for endless love.). The Latin-tinged “Retorno del Amor” shows off the romantic side of LoveyDove. Closing the album is the soaring “Lift Off” ~~ which begs the listener to leave the negatives behind, and set oneself on a higher path of enlightenment.

With ShowStopper, LoveyDove has an album full of exuberant and melodious sonic treats, which Dan West and Azalia Snail have carefully constructed with creativity and flair for the sweet things in life.

“Craftsmanship, energy and packed with sizzle! They sure don’t make ’em like this anymore” ~~
Kyle Seyb

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