Spider, Spit and Broken Bells – Haperende Mens Festival @ OCCII (Part I) w/ GIANT SWAN (UK) + NAKED (UK) + TURIA + THE OSCILLATION (UK)

Saturday, December 09, 2017   
Doors open: 00:00
Showtime: 20:00
Damage: DAY TICKET €10 | PASSE-PARTOUT €25 (entry to all venues and dates!)

Haperende Mens presents Spider, Spit and Broken Bell, a Music and Art programme exploring the theme of the sacred through experiment, transgression and ritual against the backdrop of an ever increasing regulated life.
On December 8 we kick off with with the first two nights at OCCII, in Amsterdam. Flying in all the way from Rotterdam, the Dutch ambient and electronic pioneer Michel Banabila will be joining us to open the festival; after which we directly loop into the cassette experiments of Red Brut. After being immersed into the almost ambient waves of newly formed duo URUK (members of Coil and Zu), we will be shaken to the core by the experiments and minimal tones of the Berlin based Japanese duo ‘group A’.

On December 9 the Black Metal duo Turia will bring a completely different form of atmospheric and ritualistic repetition than that we experienced on Friday. Following which, we will be sucked into the outbursts and transgressive performance of the young upcoming industrial and Power Electronics duo, Naked. Our closing performance will come from Giant Swan, again a young duo. Expect vast amounts of enthusiasm from these two boys from Bristol who are really playing around with sound and beats – an experimental trip where hardcore-influenced, and pounding techno will get you in a trance and finally knock you out.

But we will leave you time to recover and would love to see you back on your feet in the new year where we will continue our search of the sacred. On January 12 we will move to WORM and V2_ in Rotterdam for the whole weekend, where, next to an extended music programme you will find an Art – and Film programme alongside talks and projects, amongst which a Muslimgauze DJ project!

friday 8 december
URUK: Massimo Pupillo (ZU/IT) & Thighpaulsandra (Coil, Spiritualized, UK),
group A (JP, GER),
Michel Banabila (NL) (opening Festival)
Red Brut (NL)

saturday 9 december
Giant Swan (UK)
Turia (NL)

(More to be announced.)

A limited amount of 4-day festival passes, giving access to both locations, OCCII and WORM, can be bought at: https://worm.stager.nl/web/tickets/173446 for 25 euros!

OCCII – Day ticket Friday 8 December – à 10 euro


OCCII – Day ticket Saturday 9 December – à 10 euro



This edition will explore the idea of the sacred in the context of an overly regulated society. The present time in which political polarisation, alienation and thrill-seeking diverts us from inner experience and meaning. Where are those deep, intense moments that transcend our increasingly regulated daily lives?
Through a music and arts programme we present transgression, experiment and ritual as forms of sustainability; against the backdrop of today’s ever-increasing social disembodiment.

Not your usual cup of herbal tea maybe. Rather a mixture of spiders, spit and broken bells.

Spider, Spit and Broken Bells

Rock, Experimental, Noise (England)

Electronic, Field Recordings, Industrial (China)

JK Flesh
Electronic, Industrial, Techno (England)

Experimental, Electro-Acoustic, Rhythm (Italy/Belgium)

SENYAWA FEAT. PATSHIVA CIE (curated by Pantropical)
Rock, Avantgarde, Contemporary (Indonesia/France)

Electronic, Krautrock (Venezuela/Belgium)

The Oscillation
Psychedelic Rock, Krautrock (England)

Electronic, Industrial, Noise (Italy/England)

group A
Minimal Synth, Wave, Noise (Japan/Germany)

Michel Banabila
Electronic, Ambient (Netherlands)

Electronic, Ritualistic Industrial, Ambient (England)

Tomaga presents a soundtrack to Lucifer Rising
Soundtrack, Improvisation, Electronics (England)

Giant Swan
Techno, Electronic (England)

Post-Rock, Ritualistic, Eastern, Psych (France)

Psychedelic Electronics, Ritualistic (Germany/Palestine)

Power Electronics, Techno (England)

SIMON CRAB (Bourbonese Qualk)
Industrial, Electronics, Ritual (England)

Black Metal, Metal (Netherlands)

DSR Lines/David Edren
Kosmische, Electronic (Belgium)

Red Brut
Electronic, Impro (Netherlands)
Masterclass Danny Devos at Spider, Spit and Broken Bells


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