Stone Cold Fiction (UK) + Cheak (Lux) + Rêverie + LatinLovers

Friday, Mar 15, 2019 | Doors open: 20:30 - 01:00 | € 7

Stone Cold Fiction (UK)
Our favourite trio, Stone Cold Fiction are bang on it as our headliners with their new single, ‘Drip’ and other bangers like ‘Closet Psycho’. Think Royal Blood, but plus one. Filthy bass you can’t escape and gorgeous vocals, you’d be silly to miss them x

Rêverie is a three-piece, all-girl band from Amsterdam. Their sound is a combination of indie, post-rock, pop, alternative rock, and grunge, with a lot of contemporary pop and hip-hop influences. Often leaving the stage with bleeding hands, their shows are known for being an emotional bomb of energy with unexpected dynamics, very melodic and having a strong aesthetic that sets the atmosphere of the place. Loud and soft. Emotional. Melodic. Energetic.

Latin Lovers
Post-ironic psycho-rock band from Nederland, Texas or Amsterdam, New York.

CHEAK! (Lux)
With all the great tunes written by history, with all the historical references of pop culture still alive in 2018, CHEAK! tries to collect, to re-interpret and to re-compose what pop could mean for a human being in modern day society. From parties, dancing and drinking to trying out different identities, playfully discovering what life can offer, from adventures and travels to friendship and love, CHEAK! is creating its very own definition of pop and indie music.

Cheak, LatinLovers, REVERIE, Stone Cold Fiction