Enxin/Onyx (JP/US) + Donna Haringwey

Friday, September 08, 2023   
Doors open: 20:00
Showtime: 20:45
Damage: €10 - via subbacultcha.nl


Enxin/Onyx + Donna Haringwey

Prepare for an evening of captivating and boundary-pushing electronic music that will leave you mesmerized and craving for more.

Enxin/Onyx, a collaboration between Group A’s Tommi Tokyo and Hiro Kone’s Nicky Mao, will captivate you with their dark and mutable electronic tracks. Tokyo’s haunting vocals intertwine with shifting electronics, creating an unparalleled sonic experience.

Prepare for Donna Haringwey’s explosive performance, as she morphs your emotions from depression to anger and hope. Her genre-defying bangers have garnered critical acclaim, offering a unique blend of punk-infused electronic music.

Subbacultcha is an Amsterdam-based platform, aiming to reverberate its community.

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