Thursday, July 06, 2023   
World's Appreciated Kitsch
Doors open: 20:00
Showtime: 20:30
Damage: €10

World’s Appreciated Kitsch present a hardcore summer evening!


Move & Initiate are coming this summer in Europe, and in-between playing festivals like Ieperfest in Belgium and My People Festival in Berlin, Germany, they will visit OCCII, Amsterdam on Thursday, the 6th of July 2023. Both bands are in the Triple B Records roster, one of the leading hardcore labels in the world, while their co-headlining EU/UK tour is booked by the Netherlands’ own Stronger Bookings.

MOVE (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
Started in January 2019, Move or Move BHC has been using the sounds of Boston Hardcore as a vessel to speak Black Radical policy.
Move BHC is a hardcore band that has been promoting more than just their music. The band title comes from a 1985 bombing, from the state of police in Philadelphia who landed this attack on a Black community. The lead singer Corey Charpentier, along with the musicians and crew, have been using their music to speak up against Black violence and other groups who haven’t received justice. Their two recent releases are ‘The Demo’ in 2020 and ‘Freedom Dreams’, which has been out since February 2021.
This band uses the hardcore genre to amplify their activism. Corey has expressed at his first venue that he is a strong advocate for LGBTQ+, indigenous people, Muslims and organizations like the Black Lives Matter movement. If his music hasn’t expressed enough about his fight for equality, he encourages his listeners and supporters during his performance that “it takes a collective body of working people like us to make it happen.”

As you may expect from song titles like “Beyond Reform” and “Righteous Unrest,” Boston, MA, hardcore band Move was formed to represent and give a mouthpiece to the black experience in hardcore and do not hold back from making their stance on cops, the prison system, capitalism, and other corrupt aspects of American society clear. Their politics are front and center on their debut EP for Triple-B Records (following a 2020 demo), and the venom in their lyrics is matched by the sonic assault of their music.
This is their first European tour ever.

INITIATE (Southern California, USA)
Hardcore in 2023 is as massive and eclectic as ever. With numerous acts attempting to expand the genre sonically, Initiate aims to release their most impressive and ambitious material yet.
Formed in 2016, the Southern California group comprised of Crystal Pak (vocals), Alec Riley (guitar), Jack McTomney (guitar), Michael Morales (bass), and Danny Paul (drums) has grown an impressive amount since their 2020 EP ‘Lavender’ (Triple B Records).
Wishing to push their own boundaries both musically and creatively, Initiate has set out to pursue their debut LP that embodies the expansive tastes of each member to bring a record that stands out among the rest. Coupled with Pak’s vicious, searing vocals and sharp, metallic riffs; Initiate has created an amalgamation of genres that embodies a melting pot of melody and groove setting them apart from the rest of modern hardcore.
With the spring release of ‘Cerebral Circus’ on Triple B Records once again, Initiate hopes to pave their own way with honesty and no apologies.

DOGMA is a project that translates a plea for social justice into resilient and hard hitting music. With their first record, which will be out in june 2023, one can expect metallic hardcore aiming its arrows at systemic and institutionalised violence of all flavours and stenches. Their first single ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ is out now on all major streaming platforms.


Bookings are closed for this event. 50 tickets will be sold at the door