Saturday, October 14, 2023   
World's Appreciated Kitsch
Doors open: 20:00
Showtime: 20:30
Damage: €10

World’s Appreciated Kitsch presents: SATURDAY NIGHT HARDCORE SHOW

MY TURN (Greece)
MY TURN were formed in Athens, Greece, during the summer of 2010. Since their inception, they have managed to play more than 350 shows, performing live all over Greece, while heavily touring all over Europe.
The new CD is called ‘Modern life’s massacre’ and features 6 songs of uncompromising hardcore music, drawing influences from different styles and eras of hardcore, varying from 90s NYHC to more contemporary vibes, while the lyrics reflect the everyday reality of living in Greece in a time of financial and political instability fueled with oppression and insecurity.
Prior to ‘Modern Life’s Massacre’, My Turn have released 2 full length albums, 2 7″s, a split 7″ & a demo, and they have participated with songs in various compilations, either physical or digital, with Hardcore Help Foundation’s 2xLP to be considered the most significant [also feat. Kreator, Dog Eat Dog, Anti-Flag & Bane, among others].
MY TURN have toured with the likes of Ashes, Tides Denied, Peace Of Mind & Vlada Ina, and they have shared the stage with bands like Turnstile, Youth Of Today, Cro-Mags, Comeback Kid, Judge, Ignite, Backtrack, No Turning Back, Risk It!, GBH, Backfire, Infa Riot, First Blood and countless more.
They are coming to Netherlands for the first time ever!

SWELL (Netherlands)
Swell is a well established hardcore band from The Netherlands, and one of the country’s most promising acts for the future. Hailing from Tilburg, the quartet released their debut EP ‘Mercy never wanted me’, that was released via Blindsided Records in the summer of 2022, combines groovy riffs, hard hitting vocals and a semi melodic chorus that will probably hit different than you’re used to. Swell have played extensively throughout Europe, with lots of shows in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The band has recently signed to Positive and Focused Records and will release new music soon! If you are into contemporary groovy hardcore, keep an eye on them and do not miss their 2nd performance at OCCII this year, following the amazing show with Foreseen earlier in spring 2023.

DOGMA (Netherlands)
‘DOGMA is a grim five-piece band hailing from the Netherlands, comprised of both Dutch and Polish members. Their music serves as a potent translation of their impassioned plea for social justice. Their first record, ‘Face of Violence’, channels the raw intensity of metallic hardcore, taking aim at the pervasive systemic and institutionalized violence that permeates society in various forms and odors.
The album delves into sociological and political subjects, offering a profound exploration of pressing issues. The eponymous track, ‘Face of Violence,’ confronts the pressing matter of climate crises and humanity’s role in the destruction of our planet. ‘Feeding the Hand That Bites’ shines a light on the detrimental effects of consumerism. In ‘Borderli(n)es,’ DOGMA vehemently critiques the borders that divide nations within the confines of Fort Europe. And ‘Toxic Apathy’ fearlessly challenges the oppressive grip of the patriarchy.’ (Idioteq)
The band has already performed in various shows and festivals in Netherlands and Belgium, sharing the stage with bands like No Warning, Mindwar, Move, One King Down, Initiate, Shutdown and more.

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