WorldBeats presented by DamSom w/ BRADU + BRISHNA + BELLA’S MELODY + CHÉ RACHEL + JANIS MAY

Thursday, Jun 15, 2017 | Doors open: 20:00 - 01:00 | € 7,50

WorldBeats presented by DamSom

Het is eindelijk zover! op 15 juni komen vijf getalenteerde acts samen in de OCCII in Amsterdam. Vanuit een groot scala met verschillende stijlen, en de kleurrijke vibe van verschillende klanken, zullen jullie getuige zijn van de eerste editie van WorldBeats!


DamSom presents World Beats! Come experience our extremely talented artist roster with an incredible diversity of musical styles influenced by music from all over the world, ranging from Jazz to R&B to Funk to Techno.

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Sem van der Peet has recently set up The Bradu World Music Project which plans to explore various music genres from across the world by playing them and collaborating with other talented artists. Sem picks different musicians with various musical backgrounds for every performance, to get an interesting, refreshing and inspiring show every time you see them. Styles range from Afrobeat to Hiphop, Jazz and Funk. But you never know what to expect!

Brishna is a techno DJ, producer, and record label owner originally from Mexico City. Her main sound and brand of techno can be described as raw, industrial, heavy, and dark, which is known to move even the stiffest bodies. Brishna also has a 2nd project called Circulo de Medicina, where she mixes a nice blend of world music and soundscapes with electronic music, resulting in a relaxing yet atmospheric journey. All of this together makes Brishna a perfect “afsluiter” for the evening.

Janis May
the Amsterdam based Janis May, will sing several Jazz and Soul songs with her unique voice and looks. Inspired by the mellifluous sound of artists like Amy Winehouse, Aretha Franklin, Hiatus Kaiyote, Bill Withers en Erykah Badu this is something you don’t want to miss!

Bella’s melody
Bella is a unique girl with a beautiful soul sound. She truly believes in the communicative power of music, she herself found it was sometimes not that easy to put her feelings into words and singing is the perfect way to express herself. Combined with her energy and original sound she is capable of taking listeners on a musical journey.

Ché Rachel
Ché is willing to share her Soul, Pop, R&B Alternative music vibes with the people around her. Ché Rachel produces and writes her own songs. Her goal is to inspire others, the same way she got inspired.

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