EX-PO-STER: DIY Poster Art 1-2-3 July

You are invited!

An overview of OCCii POSTERS & ARTWORK from over the years (1992-2021)Digging deep into our boxes and cupboards we found some real gems we want to show you! Glory days well they’ll pass you by… so we also want to focus on the here and now. Therefore we will also show & sell current work by artists affiliated to OCCii, as well as the OCCii DISTROiNiT & BREAKING RECORDS DISTRO

Please register a timeslot via our website, however passing by spontaneously (“op de bonnefooi”) is also an option

Thursday: 18.00-22.00


Acoustic set: Copy MasterCopy Master is trying to create the emotional impact of his heroes Black Flag and Stevie Wonder with just an acoustic guitar and his voice.

Friday: 18.00-22.00


Live: Echo | ohcEEcho’s from the recording archives of the OCCII, warped down to tape speed, distilled through old analog filters and repeated again and again by little metal boxes with a couple of miles of wires holding everything together. A collage of sound to enhance the experience of image in space.Echo | ohcE (pronounced as “Echo OCCII”, but in the way that non-native dutch speaking people pronounce the name OCCII; |’ ohhhhtjssiii ‘| ) is the collective of Mark and Aaron and Luc, they use recordings from shows at the OCCII, processed through tape machine, echo boxes, synths and other filth.

Saturday: 14.00-19.00