Kasper Vogelzang Exhibition

Last spring we featured a series of Kasper Vogelzang’s music photography from 2014. This april OCCII showcases a collection of Vogelzang’s new work.

The exhibition combines concert photos with landscape photography. According to Vogelzang these genres are actually quite similar.
“When photographing a concert I look for coincidences,” he says. “I have to pay attention to the light, the interaction between musicians, and I wait for the right moment to capture it. Landscape photography is similar in that sense. Here too the available light and coincidences make or break the photo.” The resulting series depicts a mix of mysterious landscapes and forceful shows – and the other way around.

Here is a sneak preview of the exhibition that will be on view in OCCII’s upstairs smoking room during the fourth edition of SOTU Festival (14-20 april 2015):

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