OCCII – 30 Yrs Screaming at a wall AA Mix #031

#diy #underground #weird #punk


total time: 02:31:06, mixed: Sjoerd Stolk, artwork: Matt Plezier, drawings: Rogier Smal

  1. ALVARIUS B. – Alcohol Of Fame (Various – KWALK, Wah Wah Wino – WINO-KET, 2022)
    Recorded LivE on a REBEL UP & A/V CLUB NIGHT at OCCii, June 30 2012.
  2. EARTH w/ LORI GOLDSTON – Sigil Of Brass (Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light II, Southern Lord, 2012). Earth played @ OCCii January 22, 2015, Lori Goldston played here many times, but SHE also had a two day recedency on June 25 & 26, 2013 -w/ LORI GOLDSTON (US) & DANA REASON (CAN) + MARY OLIVER (ICP ORKEST) + ARVIND GANGA & CAE CARVALHO DUO + MIK QUANTIUS & RORO + INNERCITY (BE -w/ FATHER SLOOW) + IGNATZ (BE).
  3. ZEA & XAVIER CHARLES – Bourgeois Blues (7″, Makkum Records, 2012)
    Zea & Xavier Charles will present their latest album October 1 2022 at OCCii’s 30 yrs anneversary in De Willem de Zwijgerkerk, more info check occii.org!
  4. THE SPACE LADY – Synthesize Me ( The Space Lady’s Greatest Hits, Mississippi Records, 2017)
    The Music legend from another realm PLAYED @ OCCii at least 3 Times, September 20, 2014, June 13, 2017 and April 7, 2018. And will come back in the near FUTURE!
  5. HARRY MERRY – Fee-fei-fau-fum-Vita (Well… Here’s Another Nice Mess You’ve Got Me Into!, Tocado Records, 2004)
    January 10, 2015; Presentation “Fake-Art-Id Magazine/CD compilation.” -w/ ZEA + HARRY MERRY + TERRIE EX & ROMEO MAYOR + DUIVIS + JELLE BUMA + RADBOUD MENS + BLACK ELEKI + THE OUTSKIRTS + STINKSISTERS + Djs Ajay & Fake Ego (aka Wim Van de Herik )
  6. GOD IS MY CO-PILOT – Mind Your Own Business by Delta 5 as part of Kill Rock Stars’ 30-year anniversary cover series, titled ‘Stars Rock Kill (Rock Stars)’
    Godco played in PH’31 in late ’90’s, this venue was near the OCCii in ‘de vondelpark-/Ambassadebuurt’ and joined forces with OCCii every now and than… + estimated time of arrival of Godco will be somewhere in 2023!
    07.JAMES CHANCE & THE CONTORTIONS – I Don’t Want To Be Happy (Buy, Ze Records, 1979)
    James Chance @ OCCII, Amsterdam 27-02-13 “Al met al een grote verassing dit concert. Het publiek – jong en oud, jazz en punk, Utrechts en Amsterdams- hangt aan zijn lippen. Het is eigenlijk moeilijk te bevatten dat dit concert in kraakpand OCCII echt zijn enige in Nederland was. Dus organisatoren, toon uw kloten en heb het lef om deze band op Motel Mozaique of le Guess Who of ITGWO neer te zetten, eeuwige roem zal uw deel zijn!” – De Kettingzaag Online Blog. http://www.dekettingzaag.nl/james-chance-verrassend-goed/
  7. GiF – Comfort Zone (Various – OCCII ~ DiY Comp Ltd, 2020)
    “Excellent four-song freak collection from the Netherlands…. the 7” comp format catches a lot of flak, but this one is damn near perfect.” >> Maximum Rocknroll // mrr-459
  8. AXE RASH – Lucky We’re Punks (7″ split single on Rope Or Guillotine Records, 2022)
  9. VIDRO – Anti Allt (Glöd, Kink Records, 2022)
    alive, kicking and screaming! both bands killed it recently @ OCCii (July 14 2022)!!!
  10. MELT BANANA – Plot In A Pot (Scratch Or Stitch, Skin Graft Records, 1996)
    tIMEmachine: U.S. MAPLE & MELT BANANA (Tokyo, JP) palying OCCii on a SaturdayNIGHT in 1996 W/ Jim O’Rourke… WHO WAS THERE..?!?!
  11. FELiX KUBiN – Hello (Die Kulturelle Revolution, 7″, Single, A-Musik, 2003)
    May 21 2016 … “HELLO iS iT ME i AM LOOKING FOR” a Meeuw Muzak Party w/ ASUNA (jp) + NORBERT MÖSLANG (ch) + FELIX KUBIN & MARK BOOMBASTIK (de) + TAPES (uk) + DJ MEEUW
  12. MATMOS – Breaking Bread (Plastic Anniversary, Thrill Jockey, 2019)
    Occii, Amsterdam – 10 juni 2022. Drew Daniel Plays the Sound of Matmos, a program that will include a six channel presentation of the “Regards Boguslaw Schaeffer” material’; SOFTROCK aan scherven, hele artikel bij Peter Bruyn valt te lezen op GONZO Circus website. https://www.gonzocircus.com/softrock-aan-scherven/
  13. NEGATIVLAND / CHUMBAWAMBA – © Is For Stupid (The ABCs Of Anarchism, SeeLand, 1999)
    Negativland playED OCCII on September 28 2016 & Danbert Nobacon (The follically challenged one from Chumbawamba, known for dressing up and shouting a lot. He’s famed for drenching the British Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott at the 1998 Brit Awards by tipping an ice bucket over him.:-)) passed by OCCii w/ Kira Wood Cramer, September 14, 2019.
  14. METABOLISMUS – Do They Owe Us A Living? (Written By – Crass) (Mauser O.K., Amish Records, 2011)
    May 27, 2017 UMWURF (de) Werner and Thilo from Metabolismus with Moritz Morio Finkbeiner and Samara Lubelski. Abstract Metabolismus side project which is sure to fry your mind and bring change to the chemical connections in your organism.
  15. THE EX & BRADER MÛSÎKÎ – Millîtan (Ex Records – Ex 6.2, 1991)
    The EX needs no introduction, played the OCCii since the early day’s, Bradr Mûsîkî (Kurdic Saz player/singer) will perform for us for free, October 1 2022 at OCCii’s 30 yrs anneversary in De Willem de Zwijgerkerk, more info check occii.org!
  16. NAUJAWANAN BAIDER – Akram Yari (Khedmat Be Khalq, Radio Khiyaban Cassette, 2022)
    Experimental Afghan-American project formed in the desert of Arizona but now based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Naujawanan Baidar combines traditional 1960s-1980s Afghan and Pashtun music with layers of noise-rock, psychedelia, and cassette tape manipulation/collage. They Played OCCii October 18, 2019 w/ SPILL GOLD + SUNN TRiO (Phoenix, Arizona US)
  17. OMAR SOULEYMAN – Leh Jani (Highway To Hassake (Folk And Pop Sounds Of Syria, Sublime Frequencies, 2007)
    4 juni 2009. “BOMBASTISCHE BRUILOFTZANGER ZET OCCII OP STELTEN” “Danse, danse hey!” maant Omar het krakerspubliek. Ok, denken er een paar: doen we! – ViCE. https://www.vice.com/nl/article/exypgn/bombastische-bruiloftzanger-zet-occii-op-stelten
  18. BOTTLESKUP FLENKENKENMIKE – Party Like It’s 2019 But Yer Home Alone (SuperSpreaderEvent EP, Not On Label, 1-Speed Bike Self-released, 2020)
    “For those that party on stolen land while fighting for a better world. For lovers that won’t forget the class war.” Bottleskup Flenkenkenmike = OSB (formerly 1-Speed Bike) und is the solo electronic (beat) project by Godspeed You Black Emperor! drummer Aidan Girt. Who stayed in 020 for a little while back in the early 2000’s, and he performed many times live at OCCii from behind the bar (2004?)… these good ol’days!
  19. MINUTEMEN – History Lesson – Prt II (Double Nickels On The Dime, SST Records, 1984)
    May 2015 Occii Amsterdam – Mike Watt + Missingmen – Occii Amsterdam (minutemen set), WATCh the Whole SET on Cholesteroy’s YT channel.
  20. MINOR THREAT – Screaming At A Wall (Dischord Records, 1984)
    April 12, 2022 A special D.C. night ! PUNK THE CAPITAL; BUILDING A SOUND MOVEMENT, + Q/A director & JEFF NELSON (Minor Threat/Dischord Records)
  21. SEEiN RED – Resisting Together (Split 7″ with FRAMTID, Hate Records, 2007)
    We lost count, how many times the boys of Seein’Red came to OCCii, the Heindje Davids of the HC/PUNK scene, at least 30 Times!!! And if all goes right, we seen them back later this year.
  22. DROPDEAD – Scream At The Wall (Split 7″ with Totalitär, Prank Records, 2002)
    American political hardcore thrash/fastcore band from Providence, Rhode Island. Formed in January 1991. And Visited us many times over the three decades, allways a bläst! During the pandemic in 2021 we realeased together with Extreme Terror Production a DROPDEAD live at OCCii cassette! Recorded by Luc van Weelden (February 27, 2016)
  23. INFEST – Fetch the Pliers / Nazi Killer lIVE @ OCCII Amsterdam 27 februari 2016.
    Dropdead, Infest, Doom, Lifespite. WATCH Small Compilation on Olav’s YT channel: https://youtu.be/Oy5rNcnc0o8
    “that was nuts… so good” – Darren Tadpole.
    Infest played a secret gig at Occii, Amsterdam, my alltime favorite venue. … Also big thanks for all the people involved in setting up this show and all volunteers. A night so inspiring that I call upon everyone interested reading this to get involved in hardcore punk, be it organizing shows, fanzines or playing in a band to get out there and get active!!!- dARCY Trash
    A secret gig…..with 3 of the most influential punk/hardcore bands of the last 25 years……in Amsterdam….yes please. Infest, Dropdead, and Doom tear the place up. – Paul Cussens
  24. LIMPWRIST – Live @ the OCCII 15.06.09 – PRT ii
    The songs are: the ode, whats up with the kids, want us dead, I love hardcore boys I love boys hardcore, narrow view (Big Boys cover).
  25. HARD SKIN – Live @ the OCCII 15.06.09
    The songs are : Oi not jobs, ACAC. Great show of Limp Wrist, they played in the same evening with Hard Skin, SeeinRed and seasick. wanna see more, check out: communichaoz on YT.
  26. THE COVIDS – Light a Match (Farmboy) (Coming soon to Wap Shoo Wap Records!)
    The Covids are a new contagious punkrock band from Amsterdam! And their Vinyl presentation is at OCCii September 17 2022!!
  27. LYDIA LUNCH’ RETROVIRUS – Afraid Of Your Company Live @ OCCii Amsterdam, 3-3-2014
    tHanks: Kasper Vogelzang; https://www.youtube.com/c/KasperVogelzangPhotography
  28. SONiC YOUTH – Youth Against Fascism (DiRTY, Geffen Records, 1992)
    30 yrs anneversary to this song/album, after the break up of Sonic Youth most members played OCCii. Thurston Moore most times, and he’s coming back March 10-12, 2023, for a three day residency, tickets: https://occii.org/
  29. BIKINI KILL – Rebel Girl (Split LP w/ Huggy Bear, Kill Rockstars, 1992)
    Another 30 yrs old record, not sure if any of these folks ever made it to OCCii, but hey, they are reunited, So who knows!?
  30. DOG FACED HERMANS – Keep Your Laws / Off My Body (Those Deep Buds, Alternative Tentacles, 1994)
    DFH was on one of the first official Monthly posters (1993) we found back in our archive… Later we found out that DFH moved around the same year to Amsterdam and build a practice space in the backyard of OCCii!!! One of my all time fav bands has a strong history to this Independent Cultural Centre, InIT?
  31. LES FILLES DE ILLIGHADAD – Irriganan (At Pioneer Works, Sahel Sounds, 2021)
    During their first European Tour, Les Filles de l’Illighadad from Niger have some free dates to kill some time in Amsterdam. We’re very happy they come by and visit RPM Studio (behind the OCCII) and play this unique, intimed Live Recording Session. Limited Capacity!
    We used one of these tracks for our Compilation Album; ‘Four Corners Of The Globe – OCCii LIVE’ (https://occii.bandcamp.com/album/four-corners-of-the-globe-occii-live) we Released to celebrate our 25th anneversary. For this Mix we choose a track from their latest album on Sahel Sounds.
  32. NEW AGE STEPPERS (w/ ARI UP) – Problems (Action Battlefield, Statik Records/On-U Sound, 1981)
    British dub project formed in 1980 by Adrian Sherwood and Ari-Up with various line-up (including musicians from Jamaica as well as British artists from punk and post-punk scenes like Mark Stewart & Neneh Cherry). Producer – Adrian Sherwood performed live at OCCii as a duo w/ PiNCH, March 10, 2017.
    I’ve seen Ari Up (The SLiTS) twice at OCCii, can’t recall the exact dates (pre-internet), first time was total life changer!
    “After meeting in person at a True Warriors gig at counter-culture bastion OCCII in Amsterdam, Up and Börü hatched a plan to pull together Dread More Dan Dead.” Read full story here: https://daily.redbullmusicacademy.com/2019/06/ari-up-the-slits-feature
  33. IC-RED – Joyride (Goodfun, South of North, 2022)
    July 10, 2022 LIVE :: IC-RED + FIZZY VEINS & MONTEL PALMER + NASSSAU + DEVON REXI :: electronic, experimental, new wave, dub, psychedelic rock OCCII prepares for a night of psyched-up and stretched-out jazz, dubby new wave experiments and krautronic abstractions, as Amsterdam label South of North invites a selection of musicians to convene on Amstelveenseweg.
  34. NUMBERS – We Like Having These Things (Numbers Life, Tigerbeat6, 2001)
    Numbers is a trio from San Francisco, starting sometime back in 2000. They played OCCii around 2003 I guess, I set that show up but lost all proof… Indra Dunis was the lead singer and drummer. Later Indra moved to Amsterdam with partner and kids, and she played here again and again with her band Peaking Lights!
  35. SUN RA AND HIS ARKESTRA Featuring MARSHALL ALLEN – Angels And Demons At Play (7″, Art Yard, 2021). Seeing mister Marshall Allen dancing at an afterparty (3:00 am) to the crazy weird beats of BLODFET & DJ LONELY at the OCCii after he performed with James Harrar’s Cinema Soloriens will always be remembered. And they came back for more cosmic tunes, Mister Allen (born 1924) is still leader of the Arkestra and still touring the globe. October 14, 2015 they played again OCCii again, this time w/ Peter Brötzmann, Jason Adasiewicz, Steve Noble Trio +Terrie Ex.
    ..One thing becomes particularly clear for me (Rogier Smal wrote in his tourblog): “I want to get very old, because Marshall says that the trees will speak to you then.”
  36. THE PYRAMIDS – Jamaican Carnival Prt. 1 (Birth / Speed / Merging, Pyramid Records, 1976)
    Volkskrant 29 11 2012: De veertig jaar oude band The Pyramids maakt geestverruimende trancemuziek aan de hand van Afrikaanse ritmes en repeterende, met elkaar verweven melodieën. Na een pauze van 35 jaar zijn ze sinds kort herenigd. Vanavond staan ze op het podium van OCCII in Amsterdam.
  37. KARKHANA – ROCK FAROCK (Al Azraqayn, Karlrecords, 2021)
    Combining some of the most innovative players from Beirut, Cairo and Istanbul to share their blend of free jazz and psychedelic with various shades and traces of shaabi, tarab and much more. And YES also they played our humble little stage, they even recorded it and UNROCK (HAPPY 30th ANNIVERSARY TOO!!!) released it on Vinyl (https://www.unrock.de/product/karkhana-al-dar-al-hamra-lp7-deluxe-version/). The track i put in the mix is also recorded in Amsterdam, but a little more up north at De BIMHUISje.
  38. PHEW – Mapping (Phew, Pass Records, 1981)
    Phew is an avant-garde vocalist and electronic music pioneer (former singer of the 70s punk band Aunt Sally).
    Past collaborations include Ryuichi Sakamoto of Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO), Jaki Liebezeit and Holger Czukay (Can), Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten) and, more recently, Ana da Silva (The Raincoats). AND HER FIRST PERFORMANCE IN the netherlands was at a Haperende Mens event at OCCii, November 15, 2019.
  39. EMBRYO – Lost Scooters (Embryo’s Reise, Schneeball, 1979)
    With EMBRYO we had many adventoures, one summer they passed by Amsterdam, we were under construction, but asked our friends in the West Harbour (ADM) if they were open, and they were. So they played there, after two sets, the ADM’ers joined the stage for a jam that probably never ended.
    “Embryo – real Krautrock based in Germany, connected worldwide.” JOHN PEEL
  40. FLEAS & LIES – Up ThE PunX! (Split 7″ with ASSRASH, Profane Existence, 1996)
  41. DISCHARGE – Protest & Survive (Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing, Clay Records, 1982)
    high on our wantlist and invite is send, fingers crossed!
  42. DESKUNDOLOGISCH LABORATORIUM – Amsterdam (Insektensekte, Resistentieorkest, Deskundologie, Not On A Label, Self-released, 196X)