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Tom Resink photography
Tom Resink photography

Playing in a band means writing and performing songs. In every song, we are searching for a symbiosis between electronic drums and synth on the one hand and guitars on the other. This songwriting process is very satisfying in itself. But the band allows us to create much more. Playing a show is nice and all, but the driving force behind our band is the urge to find new (small) projects. It’s exactly this that gives our band continuity. We are approaching our band more and more as a two person art-collective.

So far we have done almost everything ourselves. Every release, every video, every poster we see as a little art project. It’s all very much a learning process in which we use a lot of (electronic) equipment and techniques that are new to us. Datamosh, riso-print, stencil print, mini DV camera, 4-track tape recorder, midicodes, etc, We’re familiar with all of these now. We even started to build our own synthesizer! But that will be a long-term project, hehe.

Polar Noire

By Urban Grey

Urban Grey is part of the organisation of Sounds Of The Underground Festival 2016, which will take place in Amsterdam in OCCII, Vondelbunker, Butcher’s Tears, Tetterode, Radio Patapoe and Lambiek from April 19th till  24th 2016.