Friday, December 03, 2021   
Doors open: 19:00
Showtime: 19:30
Damage: €7


Hello there!
Dalin WaldoOoOo & Dj Fukboi does the netherlands.
“In short we are very funny people which means we are gonna do you a little presentation of our most laughable and lovable synth stock. We build and perform instruments and for you: we have what It takes to get an edge on novation etc. have you ever wondered why your stock instruments are not leaking and are seemingly cut straight like a brokers tie. Well our bendy scraps will pot a hole and fiddle you dingelbell its the time of the year again and the market is opening a position for you to grasp the gift of this winter!
Dalin and Joakim will present their hardware instruments at WORM & OCCii in a winter marketplace setting mixed with a little bit of standup.
Don’t bring all your valuables because everything is for sale and we are irresistible!
See you there. ”


YOUR LOCAL ELECTRICITY WITCH: An esoteric engineering enthusiast with a big heart for old sovietic synthesizers. She has an x-pertise in eloptic engineering and uses this knowledge in designing more organismic synthesizer interfaces with SOMA Laboratory. She is the designer of The Ethermorphic FM Analyzer and the ENNER synthesizer. Which is both machines that can transmit your direct emotional energy and make the operator become a part of the circuitry. X-citing!
works : S I S T ♀R Elektronica

Joakim Moesgaard hails from the Southern Danish performance art scene. In his solo performances and diverse collaborations he constantly explores and experiments with a variety of styles and genres: Be it breakcore, jazz-influenced performances, theatre plays or trashy auto-tune music videos, Moesgaard shows a sense for dramaturgy—sometimes a bit sarcastic and humorous, always sincere.

synth-mess, drum-mess, noise-mess.
When machines get drunk, producing de-synchronized, de-quantized sequences controlling synths and echo’s, with minimal attempt to get it all back in order and an appetite for destruction.

Mothers of Exit ( Prins & Simonis )
Dutch noise and sound art: animalistic high metal grooves
a duo collaboration of these two veterans of improvisation was bound to happen sometime!
Gert-Jan Prins, playing electronics and for this recording also back to animal skin drums, while Lukas Simonis is sharpening his guitar and approaching a modular synth.

Gert-Jan Prins: drums, cymbals, radio electronics, microphones.
Lukas Simonis: guitar, effects, modular synth, blippoo box.
TAGS: experimental, dada, improv, noise, punk, spoken word, Amsterdam vs Rotterdam

Bookings are closed for this event. 50 tickets will be sold at the door