Sunday, February 25, 2024   
Doors open: 20:00
Showtime: 20:30
Damage: €8


Guttersnipe (UK) plough through the dirt with piercing guitars, ruthless drums and hysterical vocals. Unleashing rainbow abstraction, smothering the rock idiom. Formed in 2014 with the aim to blend the dislocated rhythms of no-wave and noise rock with the insane solos on “Reek of Putrefaction” then churning it out with the intensity of extreme free-jazz and punk. Guttersnipe have slowly developed into a brutalist power duo, hucking absurdist yelping and electro-shock riffs creating sheer chaos with the time dial set to ‘loose’. The result is uplifting and terrifying.
After disassembling stages across Europe and North America, The Big Pause of 2020 put Guttersnipe into a stasis, emerging zombielike for just a handful of appearances! With 2024 marking the ten year anniversary of the band, Guttersnipe returns full power to the ruins of the underground. New compositions & new approaches, augmented with new technologies for exploring ever more far-flung regions of derangement, gesture, joy and multi-species physical phenomena.
live in Detroit (At Trip Metal Festival 3 w/ Martin Rev & Art Ensemble of Chicago):

Csocsó (BE) is an electronic project focused on computer-programming & improvised form-writings with two mirroring synths. A framework filled with thickening textures and loosely bound rhythms. Technology morphs all these sounds into a machine that stutters, moves, dances, wakes up and breaks down.
Csocsó is a solo project by Daniel Dariel, an active member of the label Third Type Tapes, currently part of Wash Club (w/ Új Bála), Ou Lié, Melon Musk (w/ Somaticae and CFolle), and Umarell & Zdaura (w/ Giulio Erasmus)

Piyojo (NL) creates musical landscapes that feel natural and digital, a journey through different contexts that are chaotic, funny and very playful. The Dutch visual artist and musician uses different synths, older and new, to string seemingly unrelated textures and rhythms together. With that, he creates worlds of absorbing electronic music, sometimes danceable, sometimes contemplative and often with a vapor wavey nostalgia. The synths overlay present and past and show a colorful future, where you travel through different landscapes that oddly remind you of videogames, dancing coral reefs, multicolored deserts and wiggly caterpillars.
Live @ West, Den Haag:

DJ STEVE (NL) will play tunes between the bands.

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