Wednesday, March 23, 2022   
Doors open: 20:00
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free-rock collective | kraut , psych rock| counter culture

The real high and heavy returns to Amsterdam for the first time in more than a decade, as Western Massachusetts’ trouble troupe Sunburned Hand of the Man convene for a one-night stand at OCCii. A wildly versatile and prolific collective, Sunburned navigate many modes of total freedom. With flow itself at the core, they readily invent epic psych rock jams, issue alien rants atop laid back funks, and digress into the abstract fluidly. Over two decades the group has continually shifted shape, expanding and contracting, always picking up steam. … Bring another head, and slip under the counter culture.

Tags: devotional, far out, freak, garage, kraut, prog, psychedelic
FFO: Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, No Neck Blues Band, Four Tet, Nurse With Wound.

Sunburned Hand of the Man are a band from Boston, Massachusetts that formed in 1994 as the Boston psychedelic punk trio Shit Spangled Banner. They developed and changed their name in 1996 to reflect the new vibes and members.

They release records on various labels, as well as a number of smaller labels, and produce a great number of limited edition albums on CDr via their own Manhand label.

cHECH THEIR laTEST aBLUM ouT ON Three Lobed Recordings; “Pick A Die To Die” ::

“Sunburned Hand of the Man (aka “Sunburned”) are a loose knit gang of musical artists from the wilds of Eastern Massachusetts. Founded as a way to let off steam from years of obsessive weirdo record collecting and perversely decoding the hand jive of wanton talents from the psychedelic and punk rock hardcore scenes in the Boston zone Sunburned was born to be awesome. The nucleus of the group is a small ragtag contingent of fascinants completely focused on the idea of spontaneous composition within the framework of religious experience: the rock n roll EVENT”

– Thurston Moore

Championed by the likes of Julian Cope, Michael Hurley, and Byron Coley, who once called them a “human zoo.”

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