Monday, November 12, 2018   
Doors open: 00:00
Showtime: 20:30 - 01:00
Damage: €8

Jessica Sligter /w Sarah Hennies.

Jessica Sligter is a Dutch-Norwegian artist and producer who mixes crooner & experimental musics in a ‘noir’ conceptual space. Her september release ‘Polycrisis:yes!’ mixes vocals, abstract electronics, and synth in a futuristic imagining of collapsed European identity.

Sarah Hennies, percussionist and composer extraordinaire from the USA, joins Sligter on her European release tour. Her work utilizes an often grueling, endurance-based performance practice in a subversive examination of psychoacoustics, queer identity, and performance art.

MOJO magazine about Polycrisis:yes!: “(a) brilliant raging battle cry, a siren call of discordant electronic beauty and operatic despair that (..) suggests the epic sonic horrorscapes of Diamanda Galas and Scott Walker.”
A Sense Of Growth, produced by Sligter with Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Earth, Anna Von Hausswolff), was named top ten albums of 2016 by The Wire magazine.



Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti : movement
Genevieve Murphy : bagpipes
Marta Warelis : keyboards
Jeroen Kimman : guitar
Jasper Stadhouders : guitar
Miguel Petruccelli : bass
Onno Govaert : drums
Philipp Moser: drums
Tristan Renfrow : drums
ft. Tobias Klein: alto sax

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The PolyBand, led by Jasper Stadhouders since April 2015, is built around an ever expanding pool of musicians and performers. The instrumentation is flexible, but has multiple guitars, drums and bass as its core. It’s often augmented by accordion, bagpipes, keyboards, horns and dance.

The use of complex, multi-layered polyrhythmic cycles and polytonal environments creates a multifaceted and intricate sound picture that plays with the expectations, desires and memories of both the performers and audience. Relatively small, subtle changes in movement and sound are precisely timed to create great impact. Duration and repetition are two key elements.

The composition is set up in a way that it can be played by any number of performers. Each performer has a specific freedom within the composition. Various cues are assigned to all players which leads to unexpected shifts and changes.

The goal of this is to attempt a social music where each member is equal and which defies ego and individualism. All faces in the same direction.
The PolyBand is set up in a symmetrical way, most instruments are either doubled or tripled, to achieve an acoustic stereo sensation.
The PolyBand searches for a music which seems timeless and instantly recognizable while simultaneously expresses the urgency and uniqueness of the here and now.

Notable performances of the PolyBand:
World Minimal Music Festival (Amsterdam, April 2015), Le Guess Who? (Utrecht, November 2015), DOEK Festival (Amsterdam, May 2016), RUMOR Festival (Utrecht, May 2016), Bimhuis October Meeting (Amsterdam, October 2016), IFFR: International Film Festival Rotterdam (Rotterdam, January 2017), Motel Mozaïque, Church of Eaglism (Rotterdam, April 2017), Transition Festival (Utrecht, April 2017), The Present is Present Festival (Amsterdam, May 2017), Festival WhyNot (Amsterdam, August 2017), Zomer Jazz Fiets Tour (Groningen, August 2017), First European tour in France, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland (January 2018), Rewire Festival (The Hague, April 2018), Lowlands Festival x SEXYLAND(Biddinghuizen, August 2018), Obnazeni Festival (Chomutov, CZ August 2018)

People who’ve been part of the PolyBand pool:
Jeroen Kimman, Onno Govaert, Ibelisse Guardia Ferraguti, Frank Rosaly, Philipp Moser, Leo Svirsky, Brandon Lopez, Joep Bollinger, George Hadow, John Dikeman, Susana Santos Silva, Keefe Jackson, Jeb Bishop, Paul Koek, Raphael Vanoli, Gerri Jäger, Mark Haanstra, Miguel Petruccelli, Fabio Galeazzi, Bram Stadhouders, Mees Siderius, Tristan Renfrow, Raphael Vanoli, Nora Mulder, Adam Shead, Marta Warelis, Esat Ekincioglu, Bart Maris, Petr Vrba and Tobias Klein.

Greg Fox (Drums/…), Michael Beharie (guitar / electronics), Maria Grand (tenor sax), Justin Frye (bass/upright)

We are excited to welcome the master drummer Greg Fox (Liturgy) for his latest project, Greg Fox Quadrinity, which expands his solo work to a live quartet featuring himself on drums, Michael Beharie on guitar, Maria Grand on saxophone, and Justin Frye on double bass.

Greg Fox is a multi-instrumentalist, interdisciplinary artist, and teacher born and based in New York City. A versatile and prolific creative, Fox studied percussion with Guy Licata, Thurman Barker, Marvin “Bugalu” Smith, has a B.A. in Integrated Arts from Bard College, and has toured, recorded and released numerous records with Liturgy, Guardian Alien, ZS, Ex Eye, Skeletons, Teeth Mountain, Dan Deacon, Colin Stetson, Ben Frost, and many more.

Fox’s solo work is concerned with finding and creating gestural points of procedural interaction that reconcile seemingly unrelated interstitial spaces, using sound to create and describe emotional and geometric architectural territories. Using the drums as a main interface of communication, in tandem with Sensory Percussion, Fox describes, animates and accesses hidden synesthetic landscapes.

‘twisty, architectural electronic/jazz’ Fader