Saturday, September 09, 2023   
Doors open: 20:00
Showtime: 20:30
Damage: €8


Razmotchiki Katushek is an industrial electro duo, conceived and nurtured by two seasoned masters of the experimental scene. In this project Ekaterina Fedorova plays with her husband Remko Muermans, who she met at the SKIF festival in 2005 when he played there with ZEA. Ekaterina plays a mix of accoustic drums, samples and noise objects while Remko plays samples, electronics and noise effects.

For several years they have been meticulously assembling and connecting the conceptual forms of electronics and industrial into an organic symbiosis, presenting the audience with a deeply original product at the intersection of these two worlds of music. These two veterans of the stage will immerse you in a balmy world of analogue effects, live and electronic rhythm, domestic noise and the positive constructivism of soothing factory sounds.

Ekaterina started playing in bands like: S.K.A. (Union of Commercial Avant-Garde), Nord Folks (folk punk) and ZGA (industrial avant-garde noise). In 1998 she formed the all-girl band Babsley (experimental punk). After a split in 2002, Ekaterina formed Iva Nova (ethno-extreme) with two of her bandmates. Today this all-girl collective is still one of her main projects. Another notable project was FIGS (drum & noise), a project consisting of three drummers. Ekaterina also plays regularly in the St.Petersburg Improvisers Orchestra.

Remko joined the band ZEA (alternative pop) in 1997. Their first album got great reviews, airtime and gave way for tours in the Netherlands, Germany and England. The band split up and reformed as a duo in 2002 (the classical second album pressure at work). Their musical style changed to electro rock & roll and the band started doing everything by themselves. Zea played tours all over Europe, America, Canada, Russia and Ethiopia while also organising shows in Amsterdam.

Rarely has the name of a group been so apt as that of La Bestiole, an energetic rock duo formed by Delphine (vocals/drums) and Olivier (guitars).

They are four albums in and played over a decade of concerts in France, Belgium and Quebec. This duo is not afraid to shake things up trying to surprise themselves. Taking the scenic route for the sole pleasure of making and sharing music: a challenge that is in their image!

Those who have seen them on stage, from the Fête de l’Huma to the Olympia, headlining or opening the biggest names (Les Négresses Vertes, Asaf Avidan, Benjamin Biolay and many others) are touched by their scenic complicity.

Delphine writes, composes, sings and plays the drums (standing up!) while Olivier composes and works on the guitar. On stage this critter is like an animal with two heads or the ventricles of the same heart.

With Velvet Underground and Sonic Youth, Olivier‘s musical influences are located on the other side of the Atlantic, where Delphine‘s affinities turn rather towards French song – in a filiation with Brigitte Fontaine.

This is how they manage to make the link between the energy of rock and the subtlety of words that touch the heart.

No doubt, Delphine and Olivier release the centrifugal force of those who ride in tandem. They affirm it loud and clear “we never function without each other and retain our ability to constantly surprise ourselves”.

The Bousculaires is the Dirty Decadent Electro avatar of the rock band Anatomie Bousculaire.

Anatomie Bousculaire was the band you used to listen to in your bedroom, hiding it from your parents, before going out to Pulp* with your fake IDs, to pretend you were 18!

For Cécile and Alice, the two creatures behind the power trio, it’s been 10 years of touring, playing more than 400 concerts in France, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Denmark, US, and… They released two albums, contributed three songs to compilations and still have unreleased bonus tracks.

They also were the first “Frenchie” group to succeed in stealing a Los Angeles Music Award from the Americans in 2006 for best artist of the year in the Grunge category with their song “Rictus” – Well I know the fucking moon.

In 2019, thirsty for electro, the duo created their new project: The Bousculaires. They managed to do two mini tours in Germany and Russia before the whole world stopped spinning.

In 2022 they locked themselves in their cavern to co-produce their first album with Nicolas Bulostin – a sound genius with 10 strokes, 28 tattoos, 15 dreamcatchers, 30 golden records and 666 productions (from Laurent Garnier to Lion King via Georges Michael, Elton John, Coldplay or even Tricky). They expect to release the album in 2023.

The Bousculaires – an organic, psychedelic, melodic, new wave and punk universe. Pure DDE (Dirty Decadent Electro) to shake your anatomies to in all the clubs of the galaxy – towards infinity and beyond!


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