Sunday, May 15, 2022   
Doors open: 20:00
Showtime: 21.00
Damage: €10


Senyawa is an experimental (rock) band from Java, Indonesia, consisting of Rully Shabara and Wukir Suryadi. The band was formed in 2010 in Yogyakarta.

“Mixing metal and noise with ritualistic howls, …at times ecstatic serenade to the collapse of civilization.”

The band mixes influences from musical and folklore traditions from the Indonesian archipelago with experimental music.
The band’s neo-tribal sound has been described to mix “punk attitude” with “avant-garde aesthetics”. According to critics, Senyawa has “managed to embody the aural flavours of Javanese music while exploring the framework of experimental music practice, pushing the boundaries of both traditions”to create a sound that is “thoroughly out of this world.”
Shabara provides his extended vocal techniques to Senyawa. The band’s lyrics are in various languages of Indonesia, including Sulawesian, Javanese, and Indonesian. Senyawa’s music is provided by Suryadi’s self-built musical instruments made from bamboo and traditional agricultural tools from rural Indonesia.

ffo: Sunn O))), Keiji Haino, Nazoranai, Phurpa, SUBLIME FREQUENCIES

“Senyawa can be counted among the most thrilling, edgy and original live performance units anywhere in the world.” – The Wire

Senyawa – Live at Yucca Valley Material Lab, CA 2/27/2022

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CAVERNANCIA is the new project of Pedro Roque, also known for his Eyes Of Madness photography alter ego and for his work as vocalist in punk and grindcore projects over the years. In his debut album «em ciano», released in 2021, the Barreiro resident created an apocalyptic deconstruction of the sounds from his daily commute to work by way of noise and drone. Earlier this month, he released «manto» (Portuguese for mantle), a single 35 minute long monstrosity where field recordings become ritualistic drones heavily decorated with noise textures. A bleaker affair than its predecessor, its live incarnation promises to push the sound of the project even further than the records have done thus far.
FFO: Sunn O))), Lustmord, and Merzbow.



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