Saturday, November 18, 2023   
Doors open: 20:00
Showtime: 20:30
Damage: €10

A new ZEA album called We Are Still Each Other’s Only Hope will be out on November 3. This time Arnold de Boer teamed up with musicians from all over the world, from Ghana to Japan; musicians he has worked with in the past and musicians he still tours with regularly. The poetry, the ‘loopy’ guitar patterns, the dissonance, the trance and the obstinance, they are all there and they form the  unmistakable ZEA sound. For the special release show Xavier Charles (clarinet), Harald Ausbø (cello) and Ineke Duivenvoorde (drums), who also appear on the album, will join De Boer on stage in the OCCII .

“We Are Still Each Other’s Only Hope captures De Boer’s catholic approach to music making; where minimal guitar playing, improvising and instant composing vie with song-structured free play.” (Richard Foster)

Listen to When I Got Passed The First Darkness here.

See the video for Burial Salt, made by Sjaak Rood, here:

Zea – Burial Salt

first review of the album: “Some songs show that improvised edge, so this is definitely not your standard pop record. De Boer freely plunders styles, ideas, and sounds and has no limitation in the use of instruments. (…) The fact that most of these pieces are sung by him means that this music is also on the (very alternative) pop side. The oddball track is ‘What The World Needs Now Is Understanding’ (an accurate title, if you ask me), which takes up about 1/3 of the record and is a solo acoustic guitar piece, (…) this album swings in and out of the interest of Vital Weekly but is nevertheless heard with much excitement.” (FdW)

Special guests are RECEPTACLES, a no-wave, afro-beat, free jazz trio from Sweden run by Joe Williamson (bass, vocals), Anton Toorell (guitar) and Dennis Egberth (drums). They have harnessed an essence of spontaneity and in doing so have created something unique and completely their own. Receptacles wilfully instigate and manipulate an elasticity of form, key, tempo and metre. The absurdist, spoken-word lyrics act as the lynchpin in the reckless, hectic, headlong, joyful collision of rhythms and riffs. An anarchistic relationship to group dynamics ensures a strong, original, unified sound, where the sum is more than the parts, and yet the parts are more than the sum.

DJ JUST REGARDS will welcome you, keep you moving and eventually make you dance like you’ve got ants in your pants with her collection of strange edge, ecletric, outernational anti realism, post industrial disco set.

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