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Are you ready for some of the filthiest, snottiest, relentless and downright loud crossover thrash this side of early 80s Metallica, Slayer and Suicidal Tendencies? Then look no further, as Chi-town’s Oozing Wound are here to tour Europe for the first time!

Hyperbole aside, Oozing Wound’s stoner-tinged, good-humored thrash metal has earned them praise from Terrorizer, Metal Hammer and Decibel among others, as the band’s debut full-length, Retrash (clocking in at just over thirty minutes), is a raucous, volatile, obnoxious, bulldozing affair, which heaves and stomps through righteous thrash with an AmRep noise rock vibe, too!

Oozing Wound just released “Earth Suck”, the explosive follow-up to “Retrash”, via Thrill Jockey. Earth Suck’s collection of destructive trash, teetering on the knife edge of control and collapse, will come crashing through the gates with razor-sharp riffage and sonic bolts of electricity, only to turn Europe into a basement circle pit frenzy!

They are confirmed for Roadburn 2015 and they will tour for 3 weeks around it.



Oozing Wound is Zack Weil (guitar, vocals), Kevin Cribbin (bass), and Kyle Reynolds (drums), young men that have established themselves in the volatile Chicago underground in a short time, playing in Cacaw, Unmanned Ship, ZATH, Bad Drugs, and countless other groups that have populated packed, sweaty basements and lofts throughout the city.
Simultaneously hilarious and terrifying, their debut album, Retrash, is made for
people who have no faith in melody and happiness, and no resistance to heavy riffage. This is music by and for people with a desire to slay.
The band channels the inner 15 year old, offering little distinction between comedy and antagonism. As Weil puts it, Oozing Wound is defined by, “loud fucking guitar and screaming and shit. We don’t sing, and we don’t write big choruses. Anything like that gets checked by the wayside because, fuck it, it’s not us.”
Modernity is a bummer, and humanity’s drive towards its own destruction is at a fever pitch. Oozing Wound finds humor in our ridiculous habits and, by magnifying our most destructive behavior to its extreme end, allows us to laugh at the idiocy and the horror of it all. This mindset is at the center of their second full-length Earth Suck, a collection of destructive thrash that is seemingly teetering at the edge of control and collapse.
Zack Weil’s guitar is reckless, his palm-muted chugs coming at breakneck speed and pinch harmonics squealing like sonic bolts of electricity. Kyle Reynolds’ drumming is unrelenting, wild and unrestrained but executed with a level of jaw dropping precision. Kevin Cribbin’s manic, mammoth bass delivers wallop after wallop of fuzzed out low-end. Oozing Wound’s energetic and expansive variation on thrash thrives on antagonistic repetition and addictive riffage, avoiding pretense like a plague. Earth Suck is the explosive follow-up to their breakout debut Retrash, which earned the band praise from the NY Times, Pitchfork, Decibel, and more.

Duo Gloomy Wave, France
with member of The feeling Of love

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listening to Delacave we think about a lot of Wave-things. from the no-wave way of singing to the darkwave synth, with a dash of Krautrock. So, dark. But a perfect darkness.

“[…] just a two string bass, glaucous synths galore, a lamy way of singing and darkest songs as each others : Delacave’s flavor is a complex option, more complex that it seems to be.[…]”
E.Q. New Noise Mag

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