Saturday, December 02, 2023   
Doors open: 20:00
Showtime: 20:30
Damage: €9

Spitskop is back with a stellar line-up of artists that break with predictability, routine and rules. Enter a night where creativity stands center stage: from psychedelic rock to cyber-punk electro pop and rave club sounds and everything in between. Visual arts and drag performances will guide you through this pleasant fever dream. Meet a stranger or join with a friend and go with us on an eclectic journey. Let’s rejoice and experience music once more.


MAGUSTRY (psychedelic bluesrock)
MAGUSTRY is a rock band with influences from the 60’s and 70’s. In the eclectic sound of these five youngsters you’ll hear soft psychedelic sounds, alternated with swinging funk, to then be taken away by an exhilarating rock groove! Inspired by the blues rock of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, they revisit the organ sounds of the glorious past. The singer, Gaia Vonk, leaves a strong impression with her powerful voice. No performance has passed without getting some feet off the floor, so come dance, jump and sweat with MAGUSTRY.

Dolores Dolares International (singer-performer, experimental drag)
Dolores Dolares International is a live singer and experimental drag/genderfuck performer. If not singing covers and giving tributes to artists like Amy Winehouse or Nelly Furtado, Dolores is eco-activist, stigma fighter and tries to be funny with comical impersonations, originating from the symptom ‘identity disturbance or confusion’ and hypomania…For this special night, Dolores will also serve you a new act: SletGPT (cyberpunk/electro-pop) inspired by the disruptive rise of generative AI.

corecore (club, eclectic)
corecore is a collective and online platform for sharing and understanding the sonics of cyber-culture with a special attention towards the relationship between identity, community, and embodied affect in the realm of the so-called “virtual”. They operate through their Discord server, a bi-monthly radio show on Stranded Fm and live events, usually organized in OT301. For this night corecore‘s tj0ki, cdr_103 and jp will play an eclectic mix of sounds. cyber-culture with a special attention towards the relationship between play an…

Blind 92 (rave, disco, house)
Co-founding the notorious INSTINCT rave parties and the underground club ECHO BAY in Chonqing China, the Dutch born Blind ‘92 has been undisputedly the most prominent foreign figure in the fast paced scene of Chongqing, China. Growing up in a peaceful town in central Holland surrounded by creativity, art and music, Bram van Ravenhorst developed an early eagerness for musical and spiritual experiences. Since moving back to his native Holland and taking residence in Amsterdam, Bram has pursued his passion in music and become a very versatile dj being able to cross many genres from disco to rave while keeping connected to the dance floor.

Aapje (visuals)
Jorn Leeuwerink is a Dutch animation director. He studied animation at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht and graduated in 2017 with the film “Flower Found!”. His debut film “Varken” was released in 2022, and has been screened at film festivals around the world and went on to win more than 30 awards. He is also the co-founder en creative director of Zaans Animatie Festival (ZAF).

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